Monday, March 8, 2010

Trey and Tian's urban shoot

Trey was having a good hair day, and the boys were up early and ready to go to school way before we needed to leave, so I tricked them into a photo shoot. We went into Downtown Nampa, which is usually asleep in the mornings (besides the drunks leaving the local bar!) and shot away. What was I thinking trying to get a picture of them together? I was only wishing I guess!

My sweet boys who look nothing alike! Yes, they are both blond with blue eyes, but both their hair AND their eye colors are so different. Tian will always sport the long, surfer/skater hair, Trey will always HAVE to have the short, somewhat spiky 'do.

Trey 4.5 yrs old
Tian 16.5 months Can you tell Tian just had a hair cut?!
SERIOUSLY, what WAS I thinking? This was the ONLY good picture of them together, and can I just list the problems with this picture? I should have shot in Action instead of my usual Manual so Tian would be in focus. I DO love Trey's expression though!
And could there be ANY pictures with Trey and NOT have a silly pose? Is KISS looking for any new members?

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Best Buds

Trey's friend Ty got to spend some time at our home while his mom went shopping! We always love having Ty come to play, we usually have way too much fun with him. The morning started off by playing outside in the wet sand so I could get some pictures of feet for a photography class assignment. (pictures are straight out of the camera btw.)

Next, Trey and Ty decided to play barber shop. If you know Trey very well, you will know that Trey has this "hairy" purple ball he received two Christmas' ago from Grandma and Grandpa Bend. Trey has a silly thing he likes to do with the hairs on the ball. He likes to pull them off, and then carry the purple hairs around, everywhere he goes. In fact, we have found them lying on the steps of Trey's preschool, found them in bags, pockets and beds, Trey has even left some at Annabelle's after getting his hair cut. Well, Trey and Ty decided to give the hairy ball a hair cut. I guess I am kind of relieved; I am getting a little tired of finding those hairs everywhere we go.
Thanks Ty for coming over. We love having you come and play.

From Haiti to Idaho

Our friends, the Sedricks, have been trying to adopt a sister and brother from Haiti. Judie, the mother of our family friends, went to Haiti over two years ago to volunteer at an orphanage and fell in love with a sweet little girl named Cynsha. Cynsha was around Judie's daughters age and felt inspired to adopt her and her older brother Hendrick.

Up to date, the earthquake in Haiti somewhat rushed their adoption forward and through many modern day miracles, the Sedricks were able to travel to Florida and pick up their children and bring them home. Now, the Sedricks are a family of 6 children, safe and sound.

I think Judie was a bit surprised at the huge Welcome!
This was the greatest sight ever. The sweetest sight I think I have witnessed in the longest time. Aren't they so excited?!
The Six Sedricks are reunited for the first time!
Aren't these two little ones the most lucky children ever? They are welcomed, with open arms to the most loving family!
Older brothers already so protective of their new siblings!
Ke'ilani (far left) and Cynsha are both in my Activity Days!

How I was given the opportunity to take some of the first family pictures of the Sedricks:
After hearing that Judie and Jody would be traveling to pick up their children from Florida, I laid in bed one evening thinking, "how could I help in their situation." I thought for quite some time, about meals, time I could give, etc. A thought came to my mind after many minutes of contemplation: I thought I could take their family picture. I knew Judie would be overwhelmed, introducing all of the children to each other for the first time (the Sedrick's son Devon was the only one who had met Cynsha and Hendrick.) and that pictures of their meeting might be meaningful in the future. I love being on the outside looking in, love photography, and looked at this as an opportunity for everyone. So, I contacted Judie, in the midst of her chaotic week and asked if she had thought about documenting their families reunion with pictures or videos. It was something that hadn't crossed her mind yet and said she would love for me to be there. I was so happy I could be. Tears were in my eyes for most of the reunion; I was so touched with not only the excitement and joy, but also by the Spirit.

Isn't Hendrick a lady killer? He is already flirting!
Cynsha has the most infectious smile! So sweet and willing to give a hug.

Zayne giving an interview with Channel 6. Judie had been sending Channel 6 e-mails with their travel plans.

Not to be too rude, but the Channel 6 news caster was kind of nasty. Not too friendly; the camera man was a sweet as could be. HE should have been giving the interviews!