Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Mini Sessions with {be}photography of Idaho

{be}photography of Idaho will be in Central Oregon holding mini session on November 7, 2010! Check out my photography website for more information!!!

Introducing {be}photography of Idaho

After about a year of photographing professionally, and 5.5 months spent developing a website, {be}photography of Idaho is up and running at full throttle.

My photography website will allow clients AND their friends to preview some of my favorite shots from their sessions. I will also announce specials, photo shoot session availability, AND give you a sneak peak of my crazy life behind the lens of my Canon.

What is the meaning behind my business name might you ask? A wise and inspired man by the name of Gordon B. Hinckley once wrote a book that was called "Way to BE." This book and it's message has been somewhat a theme in my life over the past year. The book covers 9 ways to be happy and make something of your life. Reading this book brought a whole different perspective to life and gave me the courage to jump into photography as a business and not just a hobby that I love. Therefore, the birth of {be}photography of Idaho came to be!

A little about my photography goal and method:
As I am taking photographs, I try to capture my client in their element. I want to display who they are, what they want to {be} and what makes them happy and unique. I also want them to {be} happy with the pictures they receive from our session, therefore, making a client comfortable and at ease is my top priority.

I have a ton of emotions at the moment; putting my photography skills and my tender heart out there for the world to see. I hope you like my website and frequent often!


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