Thursday, December 31, 2009

spa W

I was told a few weeks ago that my parents had something planned for me on the 21st of December and NOT to plan something. Sunday evening, my Dad presented me and my Mom with a very familiar package. My Mom usually gets the same package every Christmas, but I wasn't expecting to receive something similar. My Dad treated my Mom and I to a day at the spa! When I opened my gift certificate, my Dad turned to Justin and said, "She will come back a different woman!" My Dad knows me all too well. How could you NOT enjoy a day at the spa!
I have NEVER spent a whole day at the spa and was soooooooooooo excited to be spending a day with my Mom! I don't remember the last time I spent any sort of time ALONE with my Mom!

Our day was spent at spa W in downtown Bend! My Mom told me to go without makeup, and don't expect to leave the spa looking pretty! She was RIGHT!

The package we were gifted was the Wrapcity which included:
Salt, Sugar and Honey Scrub and Shower
Steam Room Experience
90 minute Massage

Just listing these experiences makes me want to fly back to Bend and go again! It was the greatest, most relaxing day I have had in a VERY long time! A lot of my relaxation was due to knowing my little guys were in great hands with Justin and Grandpa Bend.

Here we are, infront of spa W prior to our day of relaxation!

This spa is beautiful and huge. Up this staircase is where I had my salt, sugar and honey glow. The steam room and the facial room is on the upper level as well. After this picture was taken, my mom and I departed to our various "treatments!" I went and had my honey, salt, and sugar scrub with Carolynn and my mom had her massage.

Carolynn was a very sweet, petite single mom (well, the day I came into the spa, her husband was supposed to be signing their divorce papers!) to two little boys. The first thing she asked me was if I was related to Drew Bledsoe. I am asked that frequently when I am in Bend; Drew Bledsoe has retired from football in Bend, Oregon. I told her I am sure we were related somehow. She said she had just called Drew's wife to ask if I was any relative of theirs. Carolynn's son's are friends with the Bledsoe's boys. Drew was one of her son's flag football coach. Now wouldn't THAT be nice to have a professional football player as your son's football coach.

One funny yet uncomfortable experience, besides being completely nude and having sugar, salt and honey scrubbed all over your body, was the steam room. I was bundled up with a sheet and a bathrobe. It was so humid in the steam room, I didn't think I could breath. But, when I laid down and got all cozy, it was heavenly.

After the steam room, I was taken back into the salt scrub room and "showered off." I laid on this bear claw tub and about 5 shower heads above me, controlled by Carolynn rinsed my body off. A bit uncomfortable, but I figured, I am sure Carolynn has seen all different kinds of people in this room.

After the salt scrub and shower, I went downstairs for my 90 minute massage. I am so used to my friend's Sommers massages, I was interested in seeing what Carolynn was going to be like. She was a bit rougher then Sommers, in fact I think my muscles were sore the next day, but made me feel so comfortable. While I was getting my massage, I also had my feet wrapped in parafin wax. It was heavenly! When it was time to leave Carolynn, I was so comfortable, but also a little sad. I had had such a wonderful morning with her, I wanted to chat some more. She left me with a hug, and I was on my way for my facial!

I was nervous for my facial; I had just been "diagnosed" with paraoral dermatitis (basically, a rash around my mouth) and I didn't want the facial to agitate it more. I don't know how many layers of creams, moisturizers or exfoliants was put upon my face, but they all felt so nice. My hands were wrapped in parafin wax, which was so comforting. I was so at ease, comfortable and warm, I think I must have fallen asleep twice because I woke myself up by snoring. TWICE!
The aesthetician told me I had signs of sun damage and I needed to use some Vitamin C and E oil on my face. She gave me a sample to try!

After my facial, I met my mom for our lunch and some more relaxation (not like I hadn't been relaxing already!). The salad we had for lunch was DELICIOUS! Here we are, all cozy!

We ate our yummy candy coated nut chicken salad in the "Relaxation" room. We chatted about the Tiger Woods scandal and enjoyed eaves dropping on the older women who were getting their pedicures!
I ate the WHOLE thing! All that relaxation sure increased my apetite. Don't I look "beautiful?" SCARY more like it! (bless Justin for having to wake up to THIS face and hair every morning!)

My Mom didn't eat as fast as I did!

The last event for our relaxation day was pedicures! We had two of the funniest, easy going ladies do our toes. We enjoyed listening about their lives, their kids, and their work days.

(In the above picture, it looks like I am holding a pregnancy test in my left hand. I assure you I am not! I got to keep my nail file. Gee, thanks spa W! )

My disgusting feet. I usually have pretty feet, but these days, my poor little piggies have seen better days. I closed our man door to our garage on my right foot, and I dropped a bread loaf pan on my left foot big toe. The sweet girl who was doing my pedicure looked a bit alarmed when I displayed my "pretty piggies" and said, "Do those hurt?!" She insured me my big toe nail is about to fall off (and the day it does I will probably puke. That will be disgusting, BUT, I am sure I will blog it.) and that an acrylic toe nail would protect my toe until the other one grows in. WHICH, she informed me, will be in ONE YEAR! DISGUSTING! One year without a toe nail. GROSS!

Our pretty toes. Mine is the one with the bruise! AND, the nasty big toe nail, which is covered up nicely by the bright red polish! I usually go with a french pedicure, but, I know a pale pink would NOT cover up my blackened nail! GROSSS I tell you!
I am so grateful I was able to spend the day with my Mom. We had the most relaxing day ever, thanks to my Dad. Thank you Dad! We love you!

"I'll be home for Christmas!"

We have been so blessed this Holiday Season. We were able to spend a few days with Justin's parents prior to Thanksgiving, spend Thanksgiving AND Christmas with my parents. We are so blessed!

These mountains mean we are in Bend, enjoying the beautiful view, and loving our family time!



I have been looking forward to the days when Trey and Tian would play together! I think we have finally gotten to that point in our lives and I love it. They surely can make a mess, but it's more important that they learn to play and share together! Messes will only be around for a few years, right?!!!

All Tuckered Out!

After Trey's preschool Pizza Party/Christmas Party, the Parson's invited us to Carl's Jr. to play in the inside playground. Not like the kids needed anything else to eat, we thought it would be a fun place for them to run around.

After playing for about an hour and a half, the boys were all tuckered out and fell asleep as we drove out of the parking lot!

This is what they looked like when we pulled into the garage! Trey sawing logs; too bad he didn't STAY asleep when I got him out of the car.

Thanks Parson's for the invite! We need to get the boys together more often!

Thanks Miss Des and Mrs. Cherry

Trey came home from his Pizza Party/Christmas Party at Preschool with a mug and instructions on how to make a cake inside the mug. After dinner, Trey and Justin made the mug cake; Trey thought it was the coolest thing ever! Thanks Miss Des and Mrs. Cherry for the sweet gift!

(Trey and his mug cake!)

Happy Happy Birthday Delaney Dear!

Our favorite Delaney Ryan turned 4 today! We were so sad we couldn't celebrate with her, but Derek, my youngest brother took the place of Treyman and enjoyed himself at her birthday party! (Abbey is always so thoughtful to think of Derek! WE love you Abbey!)

Happy Happy Birthday Delaney Dear,
Happy days will come to you all year,
If I had one wish then it would be,
A Happy Happy Birthday to You from Me!

Could a girl be any more loved?! I think NOT!
(pictures taken at the Reindeer Farm during Thanksgiving vacation! I have been given the "ok" to post the "secret" pictures since Abbey has all of her Christmas Cards mailed!)

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

15 months

( I have a love for "holiday" shirts, and this is no exception! It not only says, "Santa is my Homeboy" with Santa posed all cool-like, but the penguin on the side has a little "word bubble" above him that says, "Wurd." LOVE IT!)

Tian is 15 month, going on 15. This little guy is so self sufficient, it is almost a little too scary. When he is hungry, he will retrieve a bowl from a drawer, open the pantry door, point to what he wants, once we get what he wants, he will take his bowl to his highchair, and point to his highchair.

He also is a climber. He has climbed the ladder to get to the top of Trey's bunk bed. He has climbed on top of our coffee table/trunk. He has tried to climb over the gate in Trey's doorway, which is supposed to keep Tian out, but didn't quite make it.

He loves to play "ring-around-the-Rosy's," peek-a-boo/hide-and-go-seek," horsey, and cause and effect. (like in the picture above. He will fill a bucket up with balls, and then dump them on his head! He also loves to fill up buckets of water in the bathtub, and then dump them on his head.)

He is an amazing sleeper. He still takes 2 naps a day, and sleeps for 8-12 hours a night. If he is not taking naps well or does not sleep well at night, we know something is wrong with him.

He has had 3 ear infections, a case of Roseola and intusuception.

His voice is a bit on the husky, deep side. His laugh is rather high pitched.

His words are:
oh, oh
BaBa (this stands for blanket, pacifier, or bottle)
Bye Bye

He loves music; especially The Jonas Brothers, Demi Lovato, and Miley Cyrus. (can you tell we mostly listen to Radio Disney in the car?!) He loves to dance in the car by bobbing his head and kicking his feet to the beat.

He loves cars and balls. He will drive cars along the walls, up and down his body, and on the kitchen floor.

He still can't stand to have his diaper changed. I think it is because it takes too long and he doesn't have time for cleanliness.

He loves to take a bath; especially if Trey is taking one with him.

He still have 8 teeth, 4 on the top and 4 on the bottom, but I think that will soon change. I have a feeling one is coming in on the left side, bottom jaw.

We love you Tian James and have had a wonderful 15 months with you in our lives!


Pregnant, I am NOT! But, two of my greatest friends are pregnant, and one just gave me the "ok" to post it on my blog!

So, the first greatest friend to be pregnant is my friend Sommers!

She is already a great mother to Shaydon and will adjust just perfectly to baby #2 due at the end of May! I am hoping for May 20th, my 10 year wedding anniversary!!! I just saw Sommers two days ago and she was still fitting into her Buckle jeans and looking as hot as ever! She has been sicker then a dog, but still truckin' away, doing what moms do best AND still finds time to work as a massage therapist. Amazing!

The next friend of mine, who I am SOOOOOOOOOOO happy to announce, it almost makes me want to cry for joy is.......

Chelsea Ann!
Not only is Chelsea Ann 16.5 weeks pregnant, she is pregnant with...... fraternal TWINS!!!!!!! Yes, Chelsea Ann will be blessed with twins around June 11th, give or take a few days! If anyone can raise twins, it is her and her sweet husband Shane. Plus, they have many friends as well as family members who have all raised twins that they can rely on for advice and help! (Chelsea has fraternal twin siblings, her sister is married to an identical twin, and Shane has twin nieces/nephews. They were bound and genetically inclined to have twins!) I just saw Chelsea Ann yesterday, and she too is still in her regular, oh so cute clothes. I swear, if I was pregnant with twins, the moment the pregnancy stick turned "positive," I would have to go dig out my maternity clothes. This friend of mine, not a chance.

I don't know what it is about these two girls and their pregnancies, but I have been over the moon with excitement for the two of them. I am sad to admit, but I think I am a bit more excited for them about THEIR upcoming arrivals then I was for my own. Maybe it is the fact that I am not overwhelmed with doctors appointments, finding new daycare, dealing with morning sickness and gradual weight gain. I can just sit back, watch them go through the excitements of pregnancy, and marvel at their strengths. They are two amazing friends, and going to be the greatest mothers to these three babies waiting to join them!

We invited Chelsea Ann and Sommers to Tian's 1st birthday party. Kind of ironic, they sat through the party chatting about the possibility of trying to get pregnant in the next few months. Little did sweet Sommers know, she was already pregnant! And, Chelsea Ann would follow in her footsteps two weeks later! Amazing! I would like to think it was because of Tian they both got pregnant. Wishful thinking I know!

Congratulations to two of my greatest friends! I can't wait to shower your babies with lots of loves and kisses! Until this coming Spring!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

"I'm so glad when Daddy comes Home!"

One of the boys favorite things to do when Justin gets home from work is to wrestle! They have given up on wrestling with me; I give up way too easily, and I am not that challenging! I swear, Trey craves a little wrestling time every day!

Can you even make out Justin in these pictures?

Tian even gets into it! Trey is already in his pj's from nap time. I don't know what it is about nap time but he feels the need to change into pj's!

Boise Train Depot

I have been wanting to go to the Train Depot for about 7 years. Pathetic I know, it has taken us THAT long. I decided to go on one of the wettest, most coldest days EVER. I have been told that this is a photographers hangout; well, I didn't need to fight any photogs on this day! Trey and Tian were the biggest sports, braving the chilly weather just so I could complete a photography assignment.

What sports!!!!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

1st Big Snow

We woke up to quite a few inches of snow with a continued snowfall all throughout church. Trey was so excited to go play, make a snow fort, and to sled.

Tian attempting the snowfort/slide Justin and Trey constructed!

Justin, the workhorse, pulling the boys through the streets of snow.

I know these next two pictures shouldn't make me laugh, so, call me heartless!
Here is Tian enjoying some mouthfuls of snow...
And here he is after taking a bite of who knows what....

Annie the Musical

After Tian's first birthday party, Justin and I rushed off, a second night in a row, for a date! It was our last play of the year to attend and I was extra excited. It was the production of Annie, which was my all time FAVORITE play growing up. From the age of 3-7 I grew up in Utah and was very close to my grandparents. My grandpa, Grandpa G.Pa was heavily into plays, directing, singing and starring in them. (HE actually is still directing them!! Amazing, at the ripe old age of 82!) When I was growing up, he was Daddy Warbucks in a production. I went and saw him perform, I was taken backstage to meet Annie and Sandy, the dog, and for Christmas that year, I was given Annie memorabilia galore.

We had Shelbie babysit for the second time! Trey was very excited to have her; she must have made a great impression. Tian was still a bit wired from the birthday party he had just attended, so, he wasn't in bed when I arrived with Shelbie. This stressed me out just a bit, but thankfully, Tian goes down like a champ when it comes to bedtime and didn't give her any problems!

When Annie began, I was a bit confused. The Annie I had always pictured in my head looked like THIS:

And this is the Annie that was up on stage before my eyes:

A very different looking Annie. I soon got over my frustration and found myself singing along, in my head of course. PLUS, Annie's parents were sitting directly behind us, so, I am glad I didn't say anything I shouldn't have!

I still think my favorite song is: "You're Never Fully Dressed without a Smile!"
Miss Hannigan was AWESOME! She was nasty, crude, larger then life (in more ways then one!), and a great drunk!!!

I am looking forward to next years productions! We signed up for our season tickets this past Summer, with the same seats, if not better! I can't wait for what is in store for us and the theater!

The productions this year were:
Seussical, the Musical (I took Trey to this one. We had a huge babysitter mishap, but it ended up being a perfect play for Trey to attend. He really liked it, although he was FREAKED out in the beginning.)

The Adventures Of Tom Sawyer (I was out of town in Bend for Easter and had forgotten about this play. Justin was pretty sad, he would have gone)

The King and I (the King was actually Daddy Warbucks and is pretty talented.)

Les Misérables (Totally forgot about this play. Don't even remember when it was scheduled for)

Sweet Charity (the strangest play we have seen. When I told my grandfather about it, he just rolled his eyes and basically said it was distasteful! I agree!)

Beauty and the Beast (We were unable to change the date of this play, we had a prior engagement we needed to attend, so, we gave our tickets to Shane and Chelsea Ann)


2010 Theater Schedule:
I Do, I Do (which is a Valentine's Dinner Theater Production! I can't wait!)

Sound of Music (one of my favorites!)

Willy Wonka (will make me want to eat chocolate!)

Into the Woods (don't know a thing about it!)

Jekyll and Hyde


The theater is something Justin's parents always did while living here in Nampa. I am so happy we have continued the tradition! AND, I am so grateful we have found not one but two babysitters we fully trust and love!

Tian's 1st Birthday Party Invite

Tian was invited to his first birthday party. I think our whole family was invited, but I thought it would be fun for Tian to do something by himself. Miss Michelle's niece Andrienne was turning 1 and she was having a huge party! It was so nice to spend time with Michelle and Stephanie's family. They are so welcoming and loving, it is like being with your own family! Tian was happy to see Miss Michelle, Taylor and Tanner, as was I!

Miss Michelle read and read to Tian while I snapped some pictures and she also took a picture of Tian and I. We don't have too many pictures with just the two of us!

Thank you so much for the invite Stephanie. You are an amazing mother with a very sweet little girl! By the way, her little black dress looked so cute today at church!
Thanks Michelle for the picture.
Taylor, one of the sweetest girls I know! Tian sure does love her, as do I!
Tian and the birthday girl. Not so good of Tian, but way cute of the birthday girl!
Miss Michelle is the baby whisperer. Tian sat and read with her for SO long! I just love her.

Happy Birthday pretty girl! You sure do have many people who love you!