Thursday, February 11, 2010

overcoming his fears

It was the morning of our departure from Bend, Oregon and the car was packed. We were just about to load the boys in the car when Trey told Uncle Robert he wanted to pet a cow. He has been wanting to pet a cow for as long as I can remember, but has never gotten the chance. (or, he has never been brave enough. Take your pick!) Sweet as my brother is, Robert picked up Treyman and took him to a group of cows. I don't know how Robert did it, but Trey finally pet a cow! After Trey pet the cow, Robert said, "Now Trey, when you come back, remember, it was the #12 cow you pet" JUST in case Treyman would ever get the nerve to pet it again. Now, if we could just save that #12 cow from the slaughter for one whole season, Trey would be a happy boy!

Covering his ears, something he learned from me. I always cover my ears, instead of my eyes or mouth, when I am nervous.
And he is in for the pet! Oh, #12 cow, you are far too kind!
Ahhh, excitement of accomplishing something you feared for so many years. Robert's face is priceless. I think he is more excited then Trey about his accomplishment.
Good Bye #12 cow, until we meet again!
(The backside of my parent's property! This is a great shot of the land, their property line ends at that line of trees. BTW, the brown fury cows to the left are my favorite. The one's with the white face are Trey's LEAST favorite.)
Trey is proud, yet a little nervous, of his accomplishment. #12 cow is still eyeing the little Treyman!
And, THIS is when you know your little man needs a haircut: his hair blows in the wind JUST like his grandma's! I just love that blonde hair too much to see it go!
I'm a dork, but I thought this was a little on the artistic side.

zumba @ athletic club of bend

My mom has been taking a Zumba class at the Athletic club of Bend for quite sometime now and always talks about what a workout it is. She said, "You will walk out of a Zumba Class sweating," unless you are HER, and she doesn't break a sweat at all! (to prove it, the next few pictures will PROVE it!) So, I YOU TUBED Zumba and found my favorite instructor: Nathan Blake. He is amazing, an awesome dancer, and he dances to the greatest music. ANYHOW, my mom had arranged for the two of us to take a Zumba class together! She called my friend Abbey and asked if Abbey would watch the boys for about 2 hours while we took the class. Well, Trey was still "Sharting" (I know, WAY too much info, in about 12 years from now, he will HATE me for publishing this info.) and I didn't feel comfortable leaving him in Abbey's hands. He personally would be mortified if something BAD was to happen in Abbey' home. So, uncle Robert to the rescue once again. Robert stayed home with the boys while my mom and I attended the Zumba Class.

On the way to the class, I spilled my 16oz water bottle on my lap. I looked like I had peed my pants. So, the only logical thing I could think of, for the short drive we had, was to hang my pants out the window and let them dry. (My mom later informed me, just as we were pulling into the Club's parking lot, that the Zumba room was only lit with Christmas lights! I was a little at ease, but not much!) I was hoping no one would see me in my underwear sitting in the front seat of the car.

The class was AMAZING! I loved the music, I loved the atmosphere, I LOVED the instructor. She was a tiny little thing with hips that moved like no one's business. The class was full of ladies, ranging from about 24 to 80. The 80 year olds stood right in front of my mom and me, so, I felt right at home. I probably moved just as well as the 80 year olds! I had to take a drink between each song, my heart rate was up the whole class, and I was redder then a strawberry once we left.

I was so happy I went, I was more excited to get home to my Nathan Blake and work on his little routines!

So, back to me sweating like a pig, and my mom not breaking a sweat. I was so hot and nasty, I fogged up my mom's window. I had to take a picture just to prove how hot I was. STILL, after 15 minutes of taking the class!

Now, look at the picture of me and my mom. We took the same class, and I look as if I had ran a marathon. My mom, on the other hand, looks like she sat and WATCHED me run a marathon. Lucky her, she doesn't sweat!

Thank you mom for taking me to Zumba! I will continue to do my You Tube, and think of you every day!

Urkle Trey

Trey usually looks like this after he uses the restroom! He keeps his shirt tucked into his pants, AND, sometimes his under-roos. I can only stand it for a few minutes before I have to fix his shirt!

(AND, I have to say that the white "tennis shoes" just add to the look. CLASS-Y!)


The evening we arrived in Bend, my dad asked Trey if he would like to sleep in a tent. Trey's eyes lit up with excitement, I on the other hand was thinking, "Ahhh, is he going to be warm enough?" We walked into one of my parent's spare rooms and a tent and tunnel were set up! Perfect tent for Trey and Tian! We are keeping it at my parents for our visits! My mom and dad had to rush out that day to pick up the tent; something my dad had been eyeing for a few weeks! I love my dad! Thank you for your thoughtfulness!

great friends

My mom has some of the most genuine, kind, caring friends! A friend of her's (her name is Phyllis) knew that we were coming into town. Phyllis took it upon herself to buy Trey TWO books and Tian 4 bibs (how did she know Tian is a major eater?!). So sweet of Phyllis, thank you!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Uncle Robert, one of the coolest guys

When Justin and I were thinking about starting a family, I questioned how my brothers were going to react. I had never really seen my brothers around small children and didn't know what to expect.

My brother Robert has been the most surprising. In a good way of course. He is so hands on, always on the go with Trey or Tian or sometimes both. He is always running after Trey, twirling him around or giving him piggy back rides. Tian is really attached to Robert and hates when Robert leaves. On this trip, Robert stepped outside to feed his dogs, and Tian stood at the sliding glass door and bawled, hoping for Robert's return. When Robert came back inside the house, Tian was has happy as could be.

I love you Robert and am so happy Trey and Tian have such a fun-loving, caring and great uncle. You are their hero!

Love the tongue and the mullet! Tian needs a haircut PRONTO!

Trey, the "stranger"

One of Trey's favorite things to do while we are in Bend is to "help" Derek's tutors. Derek is working on introducing himself to strangers at the moment, so, Derek's tutors had Trey be a "stranger." Trey would dress up as a firefighter, a dentist/doctor, a clown, or a man with a mustache. He then would shakes Derek's hand and say, "Hi, my name is _________. Nice to meet you." (Trey would fill in the blank with a name he chose for his identity. The dentist was of course named, "Dr. Higer," named after the world's greatest pediatric dentist) I was shocked Trey put on half of the costumes. He hates masks, but I guess he will do anything for his uncle Derek!