Saturday, December 19, 2009

Reed Family

I have recently been reunited with a friend from Bend thanks to Facebook. We have lived about 15 minutes away from each other for the last 7 or 8 years and didn't know it until a few days ago. Jennifer saw some pictures I have posted on my Facebook account and asked if I would come to her home and take some pictures of her and her sweet daughters. Her husband is away on business training (for the Federal Government) and he has been hinting to her about receiving some pictures of his girls! She asked if I wouldn't mind taking their pictures for his Christmas Gift. Of course!!!

Baby Laynie

(sweetest little baby ever. Hardly made a peep!)

This little one reminded me of Trey in many ways. She and Trey LOVE sweets! I bribed her with a peppermint stick and she was as cooperative as ever. Unfortunately, I had a sucker in many of her pictures!

Notice the sticky sucker "juice" dripping from her chin?!



After braving the chilly temperatures (I couldn't begin to guess how cold it really was, but I know it couldn't have been above freezing!) we decided to go back to Jennifer's home and take some pictures inside. When Jennifer asked if we could do this, I was so hesitant. I have never taken pictures indoors for anyone but my own family; I was very nervous. THANKFULLY, I had just finished reading a chapter for my photography class about exposure, and, after some fiddling with my camera, I was put at ease. Jennifer had some great available light in a few rooms!
After a tour of their 2.5 week old NEW home, I went home asking for a new home!!! My friend Jennifer's husband likes wood working. SO, for 3 months prior to leaving for his training, he built cabinets, shelves, islands, etc. He is so talented; if only I could have told him in person!

Thank you Jennifer for contacting me. Your girls are precious, your home is beautiful, and you are an amazing mom! I enjoyed our morning together!


Holidays are so much more meaningful with children. Children seem to make holidays more joyous, more bright, more exciting. One aspect of Christmas that has become more exciting for Trey is visiting Santa. His first Christmas, he didn't know what to think of the old man. His second and third Christmas', Trey didn't want anything to do with Santa. But, over the past two Christmas', Trey has really looked forward to visiting Santa, telling him what he wants for Christmas, and to get a candy cane, or in case of this year, a paper "elf" hat.

We promised our little guys a trip to see Santa and Trey could hardly contain himself. When I dropped him off the day before at Daycare, he told his teacher, Miss Sherryl, "I get to see Santa tomorrow." Miss Sherryl asked Trey, "Where are you going to see him," which got Trey to thinking, "Yeah, how AM I going to see him. He is in the North Pole." I quickly told him he was making an appearance at the Mall, and that seemed to suffice his curiosity.

Tian was very curious about Santa. He knows Santa says, "Ho, Ho, HO!" He watched Santa visit with the rest of the children and was eager to get through the gates to see Santa himself, but when it became his time to actually see Old Saint Nick, well, lets just let the pictures talk for themselves!

This was Tian prior to seeing Santa. He was so excited and eager to get closer to Santa! He kept smooshing his face between the fence, trying to steal a closer look at that Jolly Old Man.

Waiting patiently in line for Santa.

I don't know how a child can go from pure contentment to pure fear in a matter of seconds, but this is what happened when Tian saw Santa:

This might be very mean, but this picture makes me laugh, just a little. Tian's face looks so sad but almost a little cute!
The walk of Terror. At least, that is what Tian is thinking!

Trey's many emotions prior to seeing Old Saint Nick:


(this picture must have been taken RIGHT before he went with Justin to see Santa. He looks terrified!)

Ahhhhhhh, Trey finally got a chance to speak to the man himself. He told Santa he wanted a "Knight Helmet." HMMMMMM, just last week it was a Bumble Bee Transformer. I don't know WHAT Santa's workshop has up their sleeves, but I think they need to make a return pronto!

You might ask why the pictures of Trey and Santa were taken at such a great distance. This year, a new policy was placed. If you are not purchasing any pictures from the Santa Photographer, you have to stand behind the fence. Terrible I say!

Until next year Santa.

Friday, December 18, 2009



Trey has been visiting the Dentist, Dr. Higer, since he was two. Their office is amazing, like I have mentioned in the past, but this time was exceptional. They asked Trey if a student could come and observe the exam because "he was such a great patient!" He didn't seem to mind one bit! He enjoyed playing the Leapster prior to the exam and watched one of his favorite shows, Happy Feet on the ceiling TV while they cleaned his teeth.

Dr. Higer noticed a little spot on his upper right molar, which is an abnormality, but perfectly normal. Nothing to be concerned about.

The whole exam, from start to finish, maybe 15-20 minutes!

I couldn't help but take advantage of the "available lighting" I was getting in the dentists office!

The student, in pink, learning off of Trey's mouth!

Dr. Higer! She is such a classy lady!

Trey waiting for Dr. Higer, playing the Leapsters each room has.

Before, After

A little trick I learned through my photography class. When taking pictures into direct sunlight, sometimes you get sun spots. To get rid of them, even though I shoot with a hood mainly over my lens, cover the hood or lens with your hand to shade from the spots.



available light

Since Trey was in the mood for picture taking (notice the blog prior to this one!), I quickly got him dressed for the day and took him outside in the sandbox where I found some patches of Available Light. For my class, our assignment was to find areas of available light and take pictures in it. I took the assignment a step further and set my own ISO, Shutter Speed and Aperature. These photos are unedited, something our class strongly suggests AGAINST when submitting pictures for critique.

I then took Trey indoors and took some pictures next to our sliding glass door where we receive a lot of light.

A little dark, but I'm a work in progress!


Trey drew a picture of he and I hugging. He then told me he wanted me to take a picture of him with it. Sweet little guy. I know the days are few in number when he asks ME to take his picture (instead of the other way around) so I definitely took advantage of the opportunity.

The Reason


The reason Tian was so grumpy, fussy, and sleepless over Thanksgiving?

His 3rd ear infection. Poor, poor Tian!

A child should NOT like Antibiotics THIS much......

that he cries when it is taken away. Needless to say, it is NOT difficult to give him any type of medicine.

"K" Family

The sweet "K" Family met me on a chilly Sunday afternoon in downtown Nampa for family pictures dressed in their Sunday best and they looked oh so perfect! Their son, we will call him "G-Funk" is three and in Trey's preschool class. When Mrs. "K" called to schedule a time with me for their family pictures, she said, "We don't have high expectations. We have a three and a two year old. We will be happy with whatever." I was a bit nervous, considering last year their families picture was taken by Laura Farris, who took OUR family pictures and did an outstanding job. I quickly told Mrs. "K" that her pictures will not be any where NEAR the perfection of Laura's, but I will try my best. And that I did.

I brought a little "magical wand," a suggestion and toy given to me by my mom, I wore I silly headband with big flowers in it to catch their attention, and I brought props. All of which these two sweet little ones wanted NOTHING to do with.

Needless to say, our "shoot" lasted about 25 minutes. Poor little ones were scared to death of me. So sorry "G-Funk" and Miss "Q-T!"

Mr. and Mrs. "K"
Miss "Q-T"
Mr. G-Funk

And then Q-T was done. Done, done with me and the whole thing. Sweet little thing.

I really appreciate your kindness "K" Family. I hope your experience wasn't too traumatic!!!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Annual Thanksgiving Dinner with Friends

I think I have calculated our annual Thanksgiving dinner with friends to be at least 7 or 8 years long in running! Usually, the group consists of us, the Gerratts, and the Blads. This year, the Francis' were in town, it was so nice to be all together again. There were 8 kids, 8 adults; lots of noise, laughter, some tears, and LOTS of great memories made!

The feast was held at the Gerratt's new home, which is beautiful I might add, and it began with a Thanksgiving craft. Sommers organized a cute felt Turkey Headband (more like a sweatband!) which Trey LOVED wearing. He wore it ALL NIGHT LONG, he even slept with it!

The meal was fabulous, everyone added their favorites, rolls, yam casserole (mine!), turkey, jell-o, etc.

Also, two announcements were made over dinner! The Gerratt's are expecting at the end of May, and shortly after their new arrival, another one will be entering the world. Not to give it away, but it is NOT us! So exciting for the Gerratts and the ****'s! So much to be thankful for!

Thank you Gerratt's for opening your home to the clan!

A picture of all of the kids. This makes me laugh so hard! From Left to Right: Shaydon, Andrew, Trey with Tian on his lap, Jackson, McCall, Aleena with Drake on her lap. Hilarious!
This picture was taken with the Gerratt's Tripod, with my camera, and with lots of help from Dustin Blad. Back Row from Left to Right: Justin and Tian, Tommy Francis with Drake, Scott Gerratt and Dustin Blad. On the couch from left to right, the scary ME, Jolynn, Sommers with Shaydon Gerratt on her lap, Brook with her kids Mccall and Andrew Blad on her lap, and on the floor from left to right, sweet little Aleena Francis, a very dazed and confused Treyman and then Jackson Blad. The whole clan. Sorry men for the cut off heads. I tried my hardest!!!
We don't see sweet Aleena very often, she is so smart, kind and a great helper to her mom!
This meal Tian decided he likes to eat with a fork. He would ONLY eat with a fork. You think you are a big kid now Tian huh?!

Trey, very proud, with a Turkey on his head and an egg nog mustache. His first taste of egg nog and he LOVED it! He loved it so much, THAT is what he had for dinner. Obviously, from the picture above, Tian out ate Trey by a long shot. No surprise there whatsoever.