Friday, November 13, 2009


Tian is becoming quite the little man. He is all boy, no question about it.

This week he has been walking around with a red sand pail over his head. He thinks it is quite funny and walks fairly well with it covering his eyes.

He is such a little dancer. He nods his head and waves his hands to the music when he is sitting in his car seat. When he is at home listening to music, his hands are on this thighs and he bobs his upper body up and down to the beat of the music. His two favorite songs at the moment are "Falling Down" by Selena Gomez and "Party in the USA" by Miley Cyrus. In fact, this morning he was nodding his head so drastically to Selena Gomez' "Falling Down" I honestly thought he would get whiplash. He will be the youngest Head Banger!

He follows Trey everywhere he goes. He follows him to the restroom, he takes a break when Trey is taking a break, and plays in Trey's room with Trey.

He has thrown so many things in the toilet this week. Unfortunately, some have been thrown in WHILE Trey is using the restroom. I know, too much info, but, I have got to document the good, the bad, and the disgusting!

Last night, he turned down pasta with dinner for more green beans. I never EVER thought any of my offsprings would like green veggies!

He loves shoes and sometimes will bring me a different pair of shoes to change into AFTER he already has shoes upon his feet. When I bring out these cute little brown UGG booties, he giggles! (UGGS pictured in the following shots of Tian!)

He has become a mama's boy and needs to warm up to unfamiliar surroundings. Usually, he clings to my leg or hides behind me. Such a shy but sweet little guy.

He loves drinking fountains. He loves to drink water and will often find a sippy cup out of our cup drawer and hold his cup up to the water dispenser in our fridge.

He points to everything.

He somehow always remembers where he last placed his silky "star" blanket. He also always remembers where he drops his pacifier.

He loves antibiotics. (I am not sure if that is a good thing.)

He tries to climb out of his high chair AND car seat.

He loves cars and will "drive" his car along floors, walls, couches, while saying, "VOOOOOOOO."

His favorite things to say are, "Uh oh," and "WOW!"

Tian is a lover of cats and dogs.

You are such a blessing to us Tian James! We love the little man you are becoming!

He gets so excited about the littlest things!


Talk about an amazing, awesome, dedicated fatherJustin is. Justin slept with Trey out in the playstructure! He has been wanting to do this with Trey for quite some time, and finally, tonight was the night.

Later on in the evening, I went to say good night to the boys, and Justin was wearing Trey's beanie. I asked Justin why he was wearing Trey's hat and he said Trey wanted to trade! Justin said it was fairly comfortable but he didn't get much sleep. He was afraid Trey would either fall out or get too cold. AHHHHHHHHH, sweet!

The boys getting ready for their campout in the playstructure. Notice Trey's batman cape. He likes to wear it while he is getting ready for bed but once he lays down to fall asleep, he asks one of us to take it off.

Grand Opening

I have been waiting for this day to arrive for YEARS now! I had always said, I would be there for the grand opening, and, as these pictures prove, I was!

The grand opening of Macy's in Nampa was complete with the high school marching band (which is the high school marching band we sometimes watch at nights!), breakfast foods, and if you were one of the lucky first 500 to enter the doors, you received a $10 gift card!(which I WAS!)

The line of patient shoppers!

The marching band. I couldn't get too close because #1. I didn't want to lose my spot in line and #2. There were police guarding the entrances!
I made out with a Hurley Hoodie (which I have been wanting for over a year now), a cute purple and grey long sleeved shirt, and some skinny jeans. Mind you, my first skinny jeans SINCE the 5th grade when Guess Jeans made their skinny jeans with the zippers at the ankle. I didn't know if I could really pull on another pair of skinny jeans, with the horrid memories of 5th grade, but once they were on, I didn't want to rip them off! (and they weren't acid washed like the ones I owned in the 5th grade which was a major plus!)
I love you Macy's and will be seeing you for years and years to come!

Yard Sale For Breast Cancer

My good friend Jessica's sister-in-law was diagnosed a few years ago with Breast Cancer. She was a young mom of a five year old at the time, went through Chemo and surgery. She is now 4 years out and doing well. So well that her and a fellow friend she met through her cancer treatments are planning a Breast Cancer walk in San Diego. To help raise money for the walk, they held a yard sale. I love yard sales and have a soft spot in my heart for Breast Cancer awareness, so, there was no better morning to shop then this one!

I asked Jessica if she would like to join me, and so at 6:30AM we were out the door and on our way to shopping! We were the first buyers and we made out like a bandit. I bought a pair of candle sticks that Jessica and I both agreed reminded us of a woman's blog we follow "Joys of Home" and she left with a cute pair of shoes for her oldest daughter.

Obviously, you can tell whose car I was driving early that morning (hense, the bike on top!). We left just as the sun was rising!

Thanks Jessica for the great morning!

"R" Family

This family is fairly new to our ward but seem like they are old friends to us. The mom is an x-ray and CT tech, the dad is a major bird hunter, and the baby boy is the cover model for Gerber Baby Food. Needless to say, we get along perfectly!

I was flattered when they asked me to take their family picture. They have never sent out Christmas Cards and wanted to start this year and a family picture was needed to make the cards complete!

This was my first experience with an animal, and a HORSE no less. The next picture was actually taken by mistake, but was a favorite of the dad! Here you go "J."

Aren't they so stinkin' cute?! Poor little baby didn't find me humerous at all! The mom has the prettiest eyes and had the cutest jeans on!

This door is actually on their property! I have been given permission to take more pictures on their property which I am thrilled to do!

I love how Mr. "J" is looking at his wife! He just kept staring at her with a huge grin!


After completing the summer reading program from our local library, we were given passes to the Discovery Center of Idaho. They expired on Halloween, so, on a random Tuesday in October, we decided to make a day out of it. For a long time, I thought it would be a date with just me and boys, but Justin was able to take a long lunch and join us. I think Justin enjoys the Discovery Center more then the boys do! He is a great father and I am very lucky he was able to join us!

As you can see, Justin's favorite station is the bubble station.

And to no surprise, Tian's favorite place was the grocery store. He had to "test" all the food out, just to make sure it really wasn't edible.

Tian navigated through the center like a pro.

On a side note clearly for journal purposes, After the Discovery Center, I went into work to receive the Flu shot AND a TB test! That was a fun experience, not only to see my co-workers but to show off my dashing young lads! I also got my picture taken WITH the boys for our employee website! So, now not only will the doctors and radiologists see my smiling, unprepared-for-picture-day face and hair, but they will see my two little guys!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

1st hottub nite

It's that time of year to fill up the hottub and enjoy the autumn/winter nights under the stars! Trey and Justin tested the waters for me!

This picture makes Trey look so long and tall!

Trey's favorite thing to do in the hottub is bobbing.