Friday, November 20, 2009


In preparation for Grandma Marie and Grandpa Larry's visit, I was picking up Trey's room and washing linens. I asked if he wanted to 'camp out' on the floor, and of course he jumped on that swell idea.

I thought he looked like a little caterpillar in a cocoon!

No Babies Allowed

Trey was playing at his friend Tyler's home and noticed Tyler had a sign on his door. Trey asked Tyler what the sign said and Tyler said something to the effect of "Don't bother me, I am sleeping." I guess Trey had been thinking about that sign for quite some time because the other day he asked if we could make a sign for his door. I asked Trey what he wanted his sign to say. He said, "NO BABIES ALLOWED!" So, I scribbled the little note, put some tape on it, and plastered it to his door.

Later that evening, after Trey had let Tian out of the front door and into the front yard where Tian came 3 feet from deaths doorstep (the culprit, our little garden pond situated in our front yard), we began baby proofing the house. We already have gates up and outlet covers on, I wanted more. I wanted locks on all important doors (front, garage, and pantry doors) and doorknob covers too. Trey was happy to help and asked if he could place a doorknob cover for his room. Little did he know he wouldn't be able to get into his OWN room!

(notice the doorknob cover!)

morning cartoons

Since Tian has been walking, he is constantly on the go. He doesn't sit still for any length of time, which sometimes bothers Trey. Trey will ask to hold Tian and Tian wants nothing to do with Trey's sincere gesture. Trey also asks Tian to watch cartoons but Tian wont, until this morning! Tian and Trey sat on my bed and watched cartoons together! As you can see, Tian enjoyed every moment of it!

Love that bedhead of Treyman's

Stealing one last hug from Tian before Tian decided to exit the room to explore for the day!

bathtime-G Rated

I will need to give a bit of a background for these pictures. First, I have posted way too many pictures for this post I know, but I couldn't just pick a few.

Back to the background behind these pictures. Tian hadn't pooped the day before. I know, no big deal for most kids, but obviously not for this one. I don't think he has ever skipped a day, therefore, Tian was NOT a happy camper. He cried for most of the morning (he DID stop crying when I put him in the car for a visit teaching appointment. That was a small miracle for sure!) and was not wanting to eat. I thought that a warm bath may relax his little tummy, and in the meantime, I could feed him some apricots!

Turns out all he really needed was some warm water, some apricots and a little blue car to make all his tummy troubles melt away! He was happy as ever and ate one forth of a quart of apricots! He also began saying what sounds a lot like the word "More." I wouldn't say he has perfected the word by any means, but he is on his way!

check out this little guy, in his birthday suit, bruised forehead and all! He couldn't be any happier, and neither could I.

About 10 minutes after getting this little man out of the tub, a second miracle of the day happened: He had a poopy diaper!

Assignment #1 Rule of Thirds, Lines and Natural Framing

After watching Justin train for his Rush and Half Triathlons this summer, I began thinking about what my passions and hobbies were.

We had just purchased my new camera and I began thinking of ways I could perfect my photography skills. Photography has always been a passion of mine, heck, I do it as a profession! So, after many months of contemplating and waiting for a down-time in our families hectic schedule, I decided to enroll in an online college course for photography. I have been enjoying my class immensely and can't wait to enroll in a portrait class with my coworker, and friend Emily this coming January!

Here are some pictures I have taken for my first assignment. We were asked to look for the "Rule of Thirds" concept, natural framing, eliminate mergers (which is an inanimate object behind the subject.) and lines in our world around us. Keep in mind, we were asked not to edit the pictures we take.

Here they are, some pictures I took at my lunch break behind my work. Luckily, I work in a very beautiful area of town with a lot of nature to capture!

Rule of Thirds

The texture of the pebbles with the blades of grass stiffness are a nice contrast.
(I love the color of this fire hydrant. There are not only lines around the fire hydrant, but I tried to capture the lines in the grass behind the hydrant.)


Lines (this leaf just fell in the most perfect placement.)
Natural Framing. I don't think this would be considered "perfect" framing, but, in the first lesson, we were also taught that you can bend the rules within reason.

1st snow of Winter 2009

Justin had heard through the news that there might be a chance of snow overnight last Thursday. When Trey got wind of the weather news, he began thinking of all the activities he could do in the snow. Building a snowman and a snowfort were at the top of his list of activities. When he woke up and saw the *small* amount of snow on the ground, surprisingly, he wasn't let down one bit. I bundled each boy up in their snow gear and out we went to play. By the time the boys were done playing, most of the snow had already melted.

SOMEONE doesn't like to be cold but refuses to wear mittens!


NO question about it, my boys LOVE Mac&Cheese. And, I would have to admit I like it too! Trey asks for it just about every afternoon for lunch, and there is no stopping Tian when those noodles are placed in front of him!

I love the greesy cheese webbed between his chubby little fingers and the cheese down his arms.
cheesy mustache for this cute little guy!
I was testing out the MACRO setting on my camera for these next two pictures. These are of Trey's eyelashes
Tian's eyelashes

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

BrownMarshall Family

One of my dearest, most dedicated friends Jaime asked if I would mind taking a family picture for a gift for someone in her family! (I wont say who just in case the word gets out!) I was actually out taking pictures of my other friends family when I received Jaime's message and was so stoked! I was happy she thought of me and a little nervous at the same time! There would be 7 adults and one little Ava Lynn in the pictures, the largest group I have shot so far!

The best day of the week for this family to secretly meet was Saturday, we went out to Boise, and had a great evening! At least, I did! I don't think they enjoyed themselves as much as I did!

I do have to say, I had what I think was Photographer's block. I couldn't bring myself past some frustrations and my sweet, smart and creative co-worker, but more importantly, FRIEND helped me in a large, LARGE way! Thank you Emily for pulling me out of my rut! You are a lifesaver!

When I was 12 years old and feeling sorry for myself because I had 3 brothers and no sisters, THIS is the family I longed to be in! A family with all girls, FIVE of them! Aren't these two sisters the cutest things around? Watch out world!

And how could I not resist some alone pictures of Miss Ava Lynn! This girl is so loved, all of her sweet aunts just dote on her every need! She is LOVED!!!

Thank you Jaime for putting your trust in my very limited photography skills! I tell you what, your photoshoot made me so nervous, but I am so happy you asked me to do it!