Saturday, January 30, 2010

Nursery and CTR 5

Today Tian was given the ok to visit Nursery for the first time. It just so happened to also be Trey's first week in the CTR 5 class with Sister Barnes! Trey had already met Sister Barnes and made cookies with her the week before, so he was thrilled to join her class. Tian was a little oblivious to the change but LOVED to be able to run and play instead of walking the halls or sneaking into the MEN'S bathroom(which always happened when I was with him. I usually would ask a man to go and grab him!). Tian enjoyed playing with balloons, stealing peoples snack (sorry Tenley!) and climbing on anything in reach. He also dug through the trash a few times which made me want to puke. Big day for our little guys!

Trey, Jaxson Young and Sister Barnes
Tian sporting the Blue and Orange for Boise State's Fiesta Bowl Game (which they one the next day!!!)
Tian stealing Tenley's snack

I love this sweet face. When Tian concentrates, he sticks his tongue out!

This next one's for you Janae...

Maycee (on the right) on her first day of Sunbeams!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

New Year's Day 2010

So out of order, but oh well!

Over our Christmas vacation in Bend, Justin received a phone call from one of his greatest hunting friends. His friend was wondering if Justin would like to go in on purchasing a hunting 4-wheeler with two other people. After giving the idea some thought, Justin agreed.

It had been snowing so much in Idaho, we thought it would be fun to find some snow and pull sleds behind our new 4-wheeler. Well, we didn't have any luck finding snow, but we found a ton of MUD (YUCK!) and decided that mud was better then nothing. We invited "the cousins" and James along. It was freezing, the wind was whipping and it was so muddy, but that didn't seem to bother the 6 kids one bit!

After 4-wheeling, we went to Given's Hot Springs to warm up. Trey was so much braver this time and Tian learned how to blow bubbles for the FIRST TIME!

playdate with Ava


We met Ava and her very sweet mom Jaime at Planet Kid today for a playdate. We seem to get the kids together every 5 months or so; which we have decided is just toooo long between dates. Trey really likes Ava and talks about her often. In fact, we were shopping at Dillards the day after Christmas and Trey turned to me and said, "Lets find a dress for Miss Ava." Trey doesn't seem to notice their age difference and loves to play with Ava. Jaime and I worked up a sweat crawling through the tunnels and sliding down the slides. Next time, we will wear short sleeves! (Hence, the reason Trey is wearing a t-shirt in the middle of January!)

Thanks Jaime and Ava for the playdate!

"Be" necklaces

Activity Days has started up again and I am sooooo excited for this new year. I have decided to dedicate each Activity Day to one of Gordon B. Hinckley's 9 Be's. The month of January we focused just on the word "Be," what it means, and how we can BEcome better people by striving to live each 9 Be to the fullest.

This activity we made Fender Washer necklaces with the word BE stamped on it. I stamped the word, the girls strung the leather cord and beads.

After our activity, we had time to play a game, so I pulled out the game Apples to Apples! These girls are hilarious; the funny things they would say about a subject! I was impressed with their advanced vocabularies!

Here is Tian playing with the girls. Where is Trey do you ask, he is playing with his best buddy Ty. Alyce, Ty's mom called me earlier in the day asking if Trey could come play with Ty while I had the girls over. What a sweet friend I have; thank you, thank you Alyce! You saved me!

Tian enjoyed playing alone with the girls and really took to little K.K. I think I have found my future babysitter; for when Amanda and Shelbie are old and sick of babysitting! Grow up soon K.K.!

Thanks Keller's

For taking this sweet families pictures....

we received a VERY generous gift certificate to Applebee's!
I wasn't feeling in the mood for cooking, so I tried out Car Side to Go and it was AMAZING!

I splurged and ordered some fries. My New Year's Resolution for 2010 is to not only stay off of candy but to only order a salad when I encounter a trip to a fast food place. Well, I don't consider Applebee's fast food! Fries, here I come! (I am SUCH A sucker for fries!)

Tian loved the fries, especially fries that are smothered in ketchup.

Thank you Keller's for thinking of us! Our dinner was delicious, thanks you your kindness!

Tian's new kicks

I love the website LOVE them! I have been having the hardest time finding shoes for Tian. He has been in Robeez for the longest time, he has grown out of his Robeez Trenz and I didn't know what else to purchase. While browsing through 6pm's website, I found the greatest little shoes for Tian! He LOVES them, and I couldn't have been happier!

Tian's new big kids shoes=Nike Shox

Tian loves to find his shoes throughout the day. He will bring them to me so I can put them on him. I will find him often stomping around the kitchen, testing out his new shox I guess!

Trey was so happy Tian has a pair of Nike's now. (Trey has kind of an obsession over Nike shoes right now. It was sketchers a few months ago, but now it is Nike. That crazy boy is just way too young to care about brands, BUT, he does.)

bye bye bottle


At Tian's 15 month well child visit, Dr. Archibald said it is time to throw out the bottle. I was so nervous to do so. Dr. Archibald said 15 months is MAX time for a bottle, so, I figured I would follow doctor's orders and toss the bottle. And, do you know what, Tian hasn't asked for one since. It was much more harder on me then the little guy.

noodles & shrimp

This little Tian continues to amaze me. This evening we had noodles and shrimp, and he was all over both. He was practically clawing at me for more shrimp. After having such issues with Trey and his pickiness, I am completely thankful and feel so blessed to have an amazing eater! Thank you Tian for eating everything in sight!

Look at his face; he is so excited!


Trey's preschool teachers, Miss Des and Miss Cherry have challenged each child to sing the "Alpha Rap." The Alpha Rap is a cute song that says the letters, the letter's sounds, AND has a little rhyme for each letter. When they pass off the Alpha Rap, they get a candybar! Trey was so excited to come home from preschool and show me his candybar. He chose peanut M&M's!

We are so proud of you Treyman! Sometime I will have to tape the Rap, it is pretty cute!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Trey's spelling


For the month of January in Preschool, Trey's teachers challenged the kids to learn how to spell and write their last names. I love a good challenge, especially if it is educational and will help my boys for the rest of their lives. After a day of singing our last name to the tune of Alpha Pigs "A B C D E F G" from Super Why, Trey was ready to write his last name. In a day, his last name was spelled AND written. Here is his first attempt!