Tuesday, June 29, 2010

young woman photo shoot

As I was traveling home from Bend, I listened to my voice mails. (I don't get service until I reach Ontario, Oregon) One of my voice mails was from the Young Woman Leader in our ward. She was wondering if I would be interested in participating in a photo shoot with the girls. I couldn't have been more excited, and called her back immediately. Me and a friend Sara were the photographers, our friend Janae provided hair and make-up for each girl(she waxes my eye brows and is AMAZING!), and my great friend Lonnie provided the photo shoot location. Lonnie has the greatest property and perfect props. It was a bit of a chilly night BUT the lighting was overcast and AMAZING. (it had stormed all day!) I felt like I was 12 all over again. All giggly and boy crazy.

Young Woman Group
(the sun was setting quickly, we barely got a group shot.)

Can you pick out the Young Woman President? She is so cute and youthful, she blends right in with the girls!

Beehive Class





Miamaid Class




Laurel Class




Countless hours of editing and resizing were put into each photo. Each girl received two fully edited pictures for their reprinting pleasure. I believe the pictures are going to be used for at least two functions throughout the year. All the time and efforts were worth it though; I spent the night reliving my young woman days. Thank you girls for the opportunity to spend the evening with you; I would do it all over again in a heart beat!

tea party

After taking baby Kalli's pictures, I was invited to a tea party at my friend Lisa's home! For the last few years, I have been invited to an annual lunch, celebrating health, life, and good friends. It usually occurs around June, and usually after a certain annual screening that I get to take part in. Lisa comes along for support because this annual screening exam is something she holds dear to her heart. Well, we have such a great time at our annual lunch, Lisa decided to hold a tea party lunch every month. She and our friend Judie were the first hosts, and it was delicious. It was a serious tea party, with tea sandwiches, lemon bars, assorted teas, salad, all so yummo. Lisa collects tea cups and saucers from all over the world. I felt like an 8 year old, dressing up and playing tea party with all of my good friend.

Annabelle (in animal print), Julie(to the left of Annabelle), Holly(next to Julie)
Lisa, one of the fab hostess!

Thanks to my trusty sitter Amanda for watching our boys while I could dine with friends and enjoy great company. We love Amanda.
Thank you Lisa and Judie for putting on such a delicious and fun tea party. I look forward to our monthly lunch party. (And now I can attend in my regular clothes instead of in my scrubs!!!)

baby Kalli

I had the greatest opportunity this morning to take pictures of sweet Kalli and her big sisters Ashlyn and Megan. Megan and Trey have been friends since birth. Kalli is so loved, and the sweetest little girl; just like her big sisters!

Bonus Jonas


Do you think Trey could be the Bonus Jonas? (check out the picture below) So, the sunglasses the Easter Bunny brought Trey didn't quite fit. And, the Bunny has not accepted the fact that Trey doesn't need Velcro to keep his sunglasses on his face. (come on Bunny, he is nearly 5 now!) Trey couldn't have been happier when I found these Jonas Brother's sunglasses, he has worn them all hours he is awake, and calls them his "Movie Star Sunglasses." I think someone at a store said, "Boy, you look like a movie star." And yes, he wears them EVERYWHERE!

On this particular morning, Trey insisted on wearing his sunglasses to preschool, along with his new shoes. The shoes are cheap-os from Wally World, but I figured they were easy to put on and off for preschool, and they were white. Once again, I know, he is nearly 5 and probably should be out of Velcro. For the record, he doesn't know how to tie his shoes and his teachers want everyone to wear slip on shoes. They probably get sick of tying 12 pairs of shoes.

Trey is into posing and asks frequently if I can take a picture of him. This was one of those mornings, right before school.

Promise, I did NOT tell him to put his thumb up.

And these fancy feet are all his doing!

blow fish

As I was making dinner, I could hear Trey giggling uncontrollably on the other side of my kitchen bar. He finally said, "Mom, come see Tian." This is what I see....

....some love between Cooper. Awww, how sweet! (for the record, this picture grosses me out. I have never enjoyed dogs licking me. ESPECIALLY on the face.)

Here is our blow fish...

(I love Tian's small, sausage-like chubby fingers in this picture!!!)

Trey is usually the one making Tian laugh. So, for Tian to make TREY laugh is pretty sweet!

Monday, June 28, 2010

head first

Tian is getting brave I tell ya. He decided to attempt the slide head first this afternoon.

a rope+slide=fun mixed with a little danger

I don't know when it all began, but Trey has had too much fun with this red piece of rope. I think it was used to tie up Cooper, for some reason, to the play structure. (BTW, Cooper is our dog, NOT a human!) Justin left the rope tied up, and then Trey claimed it for himself. These days, Trey has been using it in multiple ways. Somedays, it aids Trey in climbing up the yellow slide. Recently it has been a way to slow himself down while going down the slide.

Being a paranoid mother/healthcare professional, when Trey goes down the slide with the rope, I #1. pray he doesn't catch a limb in the rope and dislocate it or worse. and #2. hope he doesn't get strangled and hung. I know, terrible things to think about, but I have seen some nasty stuff in my days, and just listening to the crazy things Justin and his brothers or friends got roped (no pun inteded) into, anything and everything is possible.

the next basketball ST*R


Trey and Tian are very different. As a young toddler, Trey was always interested in balls. Tian has always been interested in cars and airplanes. Tian really hasn't had an interest in balls, until a few months ago. Tian must have gotten bored just watching Trey play with the basket ball and hoop because Tian has been "trying" to shoot hoops. This afternoon he devised a perfect way to shoot hoops, and succeed at it!

tian, nature boy

Tian enjoys the outdoors. He would rather be outdoors then inside. We finally had a bit of warmer weather, our bulbs began blooming, and the bugs were out. Tian couldn't be any happier.

When Tian wants me to take a picture of him, he will say, "Cheese" and make this face.

Crazy, silly boy. This is ALSO called his "Crazy Eyes" face.

ants and rollie pollies

Trey and Tian inherrited multiple traits and interests from my mother. One of which, oddly enough, is bug catching. I remember my mom teaching me about daddy long legs and rollie pollies we would catch in our backyard in Sandy, Utah. (back then we called rollie pollies Potato Bugs.) Trey and Tian love catching rollie pollies and ants, making little beds for them, and eventually squishing them without knowing it. This afternoon, it was rollie pollies they were after.