Friday, August 26, 2011

Thank you Auntie Sommers

We have the greatest faux Auntie. Look at what we found on our front porch this morning? A sweet little bag full of goodies for Trey! She is so thoughtful; we are truly blessed by her friendship and craftiness!

1st day of 1st Grade

6:30am our morning began with Trey waking up. Not on his own choice, but he did wake up! A special breakfast of cinnamon and sugar rolls and sausage began the morning off right. The night before Trey & Tian both received Father's Blessings which calmed Trey's nerves about school. I don't think he mentioned being nervous once!

We are truly blessed to live so close to the school. Since learning how to ride a bike this Summer, Trey wants Our little "Amish Red Wagon" is going to get a whole lot of miles on it once school is over for the year.

Trey watching his class line up. He was a bit hesitent, but, once he saw sweet Mrs. Flint, he was content with the thought of joining his class.

There's our sweet little 1st grader. All lined up and ready for class. I am quite obsessed with his back pack. I have a serious issue with school supplies, and this includes back packs! We have plenty laying around our home, but, I insisted he needed a new one.

This is a plate my mom gave us for Christmas one year. It says, "I am Super Special Today" and the little boy painted on the plate is in a super hero costume. Trey ate his breakfast, lunch, and dinner on this plate today. After school treats: Cinnamon doughnuts. Do you think we like cinnamon or what?!I 1st day of 1st grade present to give to Mrs. Flint. This water bottle not only had a frozen straw through the center, BUT, it also has a water filter. AMAZING, and very inexpensive. Thank you Wally-World!

Before Tian and I walked to pick up Trey from school, we left him a few little presents. The "Typing Instructor" is something Trey has been asking for all Summer. Tian, being the cute and sometimes sneaky brother, placed the paper underneath Trey's pillow so Trey had to actually "look" for the present. (don't worry. The actual computer program came in the mail a few days alter.) This is a tradition which began with me as a child. I was always excited to come home from my first day of school and see what kind of little gift was waiting for me on my bed. Thank you mom for making my school days so memorable with little traditions like this one!

Tian and I were so anxious to watch Trey emerge from the school doors. I didn't know where to stand so he would see us, I didn't know which door he would come out of, so, thankfully my sweet friend Nanette Baker was there to show me the ropes! He seemed very happy but thrilled to be coming home. As he was riding his bike beside me, I asked, "So, how was school?" Trey's response, "It was GREAT!" He got to take in the lunch bucket with his friend Bethany, he got the special priveldge of having "the frog" at his desk. One special boy and one special girl get the frog at their desk for the day if they are good and follow directions. I was so happy for him!

Look at that determined face! What a sweet, brave, smart and strong boy you are Trey! We are so proud of you.

Who's Trey's Teacher?

We have been struggling all Summer long with the Trey's schooling decision. The school he attended for Kindergarten closed at the beginning of June, leaving us a little lost with next years plan. I had been doing a little asking around, particularly with children who had attended 1st grade, and found two teachers who I thought would be a perfect fit for Trey. On Monday the 15th of August, when the school's office opened, I marched in, filled in the registration form, and wrote a little note requesting 2 of the 3 teachers for 1st grade. I later went onto the schools website and read up on the teachers I had requested. There was only one Bio written, that was written by Mrs. Flint. She seemed PERFECT! She taught in an all boys 1st grade class for one year which really spiked my interest!

I had heard the class lists were posted in the school's window and my heart just about dropped. I said a little prayer, pulled out my Lava Bear cheer pom poms (just kidding, but rhetorically speaking, I was going to be Trey's little cheerleader!) and drove myself and the boys to the school. I remember my parents driving me to the elementary school to see who our teacher was; I have very fond, and very awful memories of these days, so, I was hoping for the very best. It took a little time for Trey to look at each list for his name, but, finally the last list had his name. Guess who his teacher is.....


Simple little miracles like this one reminds me of the Lord's love for us. Seriously! The Lord knew I had been stressing over schooling decisions for Trey all Summer. He knew how much I was agonizing over this coming year, and, in such a small yet very large way, a miracle happened for our little family! We are so blessed and feel so fortunate. We live within a half mile from the school, we have a nanny who is coming into our home on Fridays while Justin and I work (more on that later!), AND, Trey has an amazingly organized teacher who seems as sweet as can be.

We can't wait for Trey to learn and grow this year. We love you Trey and want the very very best for you!

Please don't knock the black shoes and GHETTO, WHITE TRASH shoes. He dressed himself. And, if you know anything about Trey, he loves black socks and shoes. He did NOT get that love from me!

Hooray for Trey! 1st Grade, ready or not!

3rd Annual Father/Daughter Swim Activity

For the past 3 years, we have met at the local pool, with our suits, dads, treats, and goggles for an afternoon of swimming. I have looked forward to this activity every year and I think some of the girls do too! Each girl and her father bring treats to share with everyone, and this year did not disappoint. The Dittrichs brought blueberry bubblegum icecream! (one of the pictures below shows a cute little MacKenna with a purple mustache!) Some of the girls had some pretty cool tricks, if you look below, you will see one father/daughter duo circus act!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Trey's Birthday Cake Celebration

Grandpa Bend had called weeks in advance asking what kind of cake Trey would like for his birthday celebration. I told him anything chocolate and chocolate! Grandpa Bend found the greatest baseball cake ever. Which part of the cake did Trey choose to eat? The LARGE baseball made out of frosting. A child of after his mama's heart!

Check out the size of that piece of cake!

A family tradition Derek loves to participate in: Derek will play the birthday person "Happy Birthday" on the piano. Usually this is done over the phone, but, because we were in town, we were there to witness the personal concert!

Thanks Grandpa Bend for making Trey's 5th birthday so special! As you can see, he loved his cake.

Father's Day

Father's Day was extra special this year. I had the wonderful opportunity to celebrate Father's Day with not only the father of my children, sweet Justin, but also with my own Father! After church (while I was out in the hall with a loud Tian, Trey got up with the rest of the Primary children and sang in the Musical number. I was shocked.), my dad made a wonderful dinner (yes, he made dinner on Father's Day. That's how he likes it!), the boys shot ground squirrels, and Robert treated the boys, AND myself to a tow truck ride.

Trey and Tian waiting for dinner. Unfortunately, Trey doesn't look too happy about the menu item!Tian could barely contain himself when he saw Uncle Robert driving down the driveway in his tow truck.

Trey and Tian LOVE standing on the back of the tow truck as Robert raises and lowers it.

Justin was playing with my telephoto lens and caught Cooper pointing at a bird.

Yes, Trey is in his longjohn underwear!

I love it here.

Bend Airport Days

For Father's Day, Trey's 5th birthday, and just BECAUSE, we went to Bend, Oregon for an extended weekend vacay! We left early June 19th and made to Bend JUST in time for their Bend Airport Days. I honestly had never been to the airport; mainly because I had never rented a chartered plane! Although this weekend was supposed to be in celebration of Trey's birthday, this little adventure was actually for sweet Tian, who has LOVED planes for quite some time!

Tian was in heaven, and so was Trey and my youngest brother Derek. Tian road on either Justin or Grandpa Bend's shoulders most of the time and loved pointing out all of the planes!

Here's to our fantastic day at the Bend Airport!!!

(the first two pictures are some of my favorite planes out on display. I loved, LOVED the red planes, and, for some reason, the brown striped planes struck a chord with me.)

(Tian on top of Grandpa Bend's shoulders.)
So, about 5 minutes after looking at all of the airplanes, something caught Justin's eye. He began inquiring information from a man under a covered tent. As I got closer, I realized he was buying tickets for a helicopter ride. He, Derek, AND Trey all took a helicopter ride. I don't know how I remained calm for the 10+ minutes they were in the air. Justin did admit he was a bit nervous when he met the "pilot" who was dressed like a skater and could be 20 at the oldest.

Luckily, they made it to the ground safely, and I began to breath normally again!

Trey was talking a mile a minute when he got off the helicopter.

Tian directing the tour! Actually, he was pointing to this gigantic plane that had flown in from out of state. The plane was featured in several movies. (I wish I could remember which ones!)

There was a sweet gentleman standing beside his plane. I had wanted to take some pictures of Tian next to a plane for his 2nd birthday party invites (the theme: planes, trains, and automobiles!) and not only did the man let Tian pose next to the plane, he let Tian AND Trey get inside the plane.

And, because Tian is just so stinkin' cute, the Bend Bulletin (notice my blog name is VERY similar to the newspaper in Bend?! ) photographer snapped some pictures of Tian WHICH landed him on the front page of the Sunday paper! (And if you were beginning to think that was me in the picture below with the camera, I will in form you that the person below is a MAN!)

After our day at the airport, we went to Pizza and the boys played in their indoor playland!