Friday, August 26, 2011

Who's Trey's Teacher?

We have been struggling all Summer long with the Trey's schooling decision. The school he attended for Kindergarten closed at the beginning of June, leaving us a little lost with next years plan. I had been doing a little asking around, particularly with children who had attended 1st grade, and found two teachers who I thought would be a perfect fit for Trey. On Monday the 15th of August, when the school's office opened, I marched in, filled in the registration form, and wrote a little note requesting 2 of the 3 teachers for 1st grade. I later went onto the schools website and read up on the teachers I had requested. There was only one Bio written, that was written by Mrs. Flint. She seemed PERFECT! She taught in an all boys 1st grade class for one year which really spiked my interest!

I had heard the class lists were posted in the school's window and my heart just about dropped. I said a little prayer, pulled out my Lava Bear cheer pom poms (just kidding, but rhetorically speaking, I was going to be Trey's little cheerleader!) and drove myself and the boys to the school. I remember my parents driving me to the elementary school to see who our teacher was; I have very fond, and very awful memories of these days, so, I was hoping for the very best. It took a little time for Trey to look at each list for his name, but, finally the last list had his name. Guess who his teacher is.....


Simple little miracles like this one reminds me of the Lord's love for us. Seriously! The Lord knew I had been stressing over schooling decisions for Trey all Summer. He knew how much I was agonizing over this coming year, and, in such a small yet very large way, a miracle happened for our little family! We are so blessed and feel so fortunate. We live within a half mile from the school, we have a nanny who is coming into our home on Fridays while Justin and I work (more on that later!), AND, Trey has an amazingly organized teacher who seems as sweet as can be.

We can't wait for Trey to learn and grow this year. We love you Trey and want the very very best for you!

Please don't knock the black shoes and GHETTO, WHITE TRASH shoes. He dressed himself. And, if you know anything about Trey, he loves black socks and shoes. He did NOT get that love from me!

Hooray for Trey! 1st Grade, ready or not!

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