Monday, March 22, 2010



When will it ever end? When will Tian's nose stop running?


Trey's nicknames: Treyman, Mr. Twister, Silly Bird
What Trey wants to be when he grows up: A Cop (we were always corrected as a child whenever we called a Police Officer a "Cop." I still don't know where Trey heard the name "Cop"), a DJ, a dancer (and let me clarify this one: A Brake Dancer OR a Hip Hop dancer. I told him he needed to make things clear about what kind of dancer he wanted to be!), and a Daddy!
His friends: Keaton Parsons, Tyler Dribnak, Delaney Davis, Megan Warrick, Beni Miller, Gage Baumgartner, Mason Williamson, and Sydney Moore. Just yesterday he said his BEST friends were; HIS COUSINS! Ahhh, sweet!
His girlfriend: Keatyn B!
His favorite lunch food: Mac 'n Cheese and Chicken Nuggets (He likes to dip his nuggets in Ketchup AND honey! The honey part he got from ME!)

A little, funny thing he ALWAYS says when someone come to our home, meets someone at church, or out in public: Trey will say, "My name is Trey and I am four and a half now!"

Trey knows his address, phone number, how to count to 100 by 10's, basic reading skills and just discovered water color painting!

We love you Treyman!