Thursday, August 19, 2010


These boys love to swing. It was a perfect Saturday afternoon to swing. Not too hot, the sun wasn't too strong, a slight breeze in the air. Trey is always calculating how high he swings by how far from the willow tree branches his toes are.

And I promise, Tian IS wearing clothes.

I love sitting beneath our willow trees! This was my view this afternoon.

monkey bars

Trey always talks about doing the monkey bars at "old preschool." I had assumed he always had a teacher help him across the bars UNTIL this afternoon he did them all by himself. And yes, I said, AFTERNOON and this boy is in his pj's. He dresses about 4 times a day still.


Appropriate, he is wearing his Small Paul monkey pj's WHILE accomplishing the "monkey" bars!

Crazy Hair Day

I have to admit, Trey and Tian's preschool/daycare have some pretty fun days. This day in particular was "Crazy Hair Day" for Trey. Tian joined in on the fun when he saw Trey getting red put into his hair. Trey, the over achiever went a little extreme and dressed as a superhero, complete with mask and his superhero cape made by the crafty Jessyka.

Years ago, I worked at an Urgent Care, doing mammograms, bone density tests, AND the Urgent Care's exams. We worked with some crazy nurses, and even crazy-er receptionist. One receptionist was nicknamed, "The lady with blood in her hair" because: #1.We never knew her name. and #2.She had blood-red streaks in her blonde, blonde hair. AND, it wasn't Halloween OR "Crazy Hair Day." THAT was how she wanted her hair to look like. So, as I was styling Tian's hair with the red gel, all I could think about was "the lady with blood in her hair" I worked with many, many years ago! (I later had a reunion WITH this reception once Trey was born. We were taking Trey to a urologist and the "nurse" was "the lady with blood in her hair." I first wanted to giggle when she came to get baby, baby Trey and I from the waiting room, and THEN, I wanted to cry. I knew she hadn't been a "nurse, MA or LPN" for any length of period and I got a little paniced. Luckily, she was no longer with Trey's urologist a month after our first appointment! Our urologist was WAY too good for that lady!)

When I dropped Tian off to Miss Denise, his favorite teacher, she looked a bit concerned. Truly, it did look like he had blood in his hair. I reassured her it was gel and that Trey's hair also looked like this!

(notice the red necklace with the outfit? Everything has to match. In fact, I even think he was wearing red underwear that morning!)


Ten years ago, we were barely married and living in our future dream home. (we began in a backwards life. We first lived in Justin's parents dream home, which was vacant and for sale, THEN we moved to a trashy, nasty, school housing apartment that was probably as large as our "dream home kitchen." What an eye opener!) We would wake up to this screeching, annoying bird outside our window. I was quickly introduced to a bird called a "Killdeer." Throughout that Summer, I enjoyed chasing that annoying bird and watching it TRY to fly with it's fake broken wing.

Well, this Summer, ten years later, my boys were introduced to Killdeers. Our neighbor's decorative rock attracted a few birds; but one particular bird decided to lay her eggs among the rocks. Trey was a bit nervous about our little bird friend, Tian on the other hand was the adventurous one. (Does that surprise anyone?!) He wanted to hold that CUTE little bird and was pretty upset when I informed him those birds aren't too friendly.

Mama Killdeer protecting her "nest."
Trey, the protective brother saving Tian from the ferocious-feathered friend.

Can you find the eggs?
Tian sad the Killdeer flew away.

The eggs remained for many weeks and were eventually abandoned.


So,we thought we were making a break through with Trey and a bike. He would rather ride a scooter, and he is probably more stable then me on a skateboard. But, to get him to ride a 2-wheel bike is something that hasn't quite happened. And for a father who cycles, it is KILLING Justin. So, this evening Justin pulled off the training wheels of Trey's bike and began to teach him. I would like to say it got Trey motivated, but, the only motivation Trey received was motivation to STAY off that bike.

Trey says, "I'm out! Let's go on a walk, I'll sit on the stroller."

swimming lessons part 2

Day #2 of Swimming lessons. (2 of 8 lessons) The class worked on back floats with kicking and Superman Floats. Trey has gotten so much braver this year. He will swim all by himself to the teacher and he is getting his kicking down!

Cute Tacy Jane-the cousin

cool dude

Recently, Trey has been interested in "posing" for me. On this particular morning, he asked me to take some pictures of me before we ran errands because, "I look like a 'cool dude'" was his reason.

I think Trey as been watching Glee a little too seriously. When I saw him pose like this, I immediately thought of "show choir."


swimming lessons

Swimming Lessons is always a highlight to our Summers. We take swimming lessons at the very beginning of Summer, when it is still very chilly, but the water is still very comfy. I figure, it is best to get Trey in the water as early as possible, to brush up on old skills and learn new ones BEFORE the waterpark and lake season begins. This year not only was Keaton in Trey's class, but his sweet, very cute cousin Tacy was also in his class!

Thank heavens for cousin Jacob. When I was wanting to concentrate and watching Trey, Jacob came to the rescue, willingly. What 11 year old wants to watch his little cousin? A very sweet one!!!

Miss Emily and Miss Megan
were Trey's teachers. It was Trey's first time having Miss Emily; to be honest, she looked like the rest of her sisters, therefore, Trey probably didn't notice it was someone new!

home sick from church

Whether it is a cold, allergies, or just a plain runny, nasty nose, we were NOT taking Tian to church. So, I stayed home with Tian as Justin took Trey to church. Tian didn't seem sick in the least bit, just a nasty nose. So, we pulled out the Playdough and Tian went to town.

We then sat on the couch for about 30 minutes and read every book Tian picked off the book shelf.

bye bye paci

It has been a few weeks since Tian has used his paci. This morning, I found one, hidden behind our fireplace. Just a reminder of the baby we had, and the big boy we are now raising.

graduation morning for cousin Jori

"I love technology" (a song made famous by the quirky, and one of my all time favorite movies Napoleon Dynamite!). If it weren't for technology, families would lose touch and never experience life's accomplishments. Let me begin.

I have an uncle who lives in Doha, Qatar with his family. He works for the government in the Embassy and lives out of the country. He was first stationed in Chile, right now they live in Doha, and next year they will be transferred to Greece. (terrible life huh?!) Well, one of my cousins, Jori, was graduating High School and we were all invited to attend her Graduation in Doha! Yes, you heard that right. Now did we attend, that is up to YOU to decide!

We were given a web link for the Graduation Ceremony, which would begin on Saturday morning at 8am, and through our computers and the Internet, we were able to watch the ceremony! What a blessing technology is.

The ceremony seemed to last quite a while, with poor sound and a lot of speakers, but as we watched, I was filled with emotions and the Spirit. How lucky we are to have eternal families. Even though we don't see our families abroad often, we will always be united to them.

My mom and I chatted between speakers, here is her rundown of the ceremony from Bend, Oregon! We counted, there were 5 states watching Jori's graduation at once. She is so loved!

Here are pictures for proof we were "at" the graduation ceremony. First, a picture of Trey's "breakfast." That's right, a gummy worm. (he also woke up and asked to wear his necklace he made at preschool the day before. He was ALL festive for the graduation!)

Tian was bored during the graduation, so, I put a DVD on for him which soon put him to sleep. See Jori, you graduation wasn't what put Tian to sleep!

<>there is the graduating class, and there is Trey, having a second course for Breakfast. Graham crackers. Yummy!

Congratulations Jori! Now, onto natural healing training in a foreign country I am VERY unfamiliar with. Whatever you decide to embark, you will excel my sweet cousin.

yard sale finds

As Justin rode from Boise to Stanley for a bike race, Trey, Tian and I had an eventful morning. One activity we ventured on was Yard Sales. I was searching for props for photography and came across some amazing finds, AND amazing Yard Sales! Trey ALSO came across something he has been wishing for for 2 Christmas' now: A Snuggie. We bought it, and without even washing it, (I know, it grosses me out just thinking about who might have worn it prior to him.) he wore it the rest of the morning. MIND you, the Snuggie was found at one of the first Yard Sales we hit. Therefore, the rule was, the Snuggie could ONLY be worn in the car. NOT in public. At one of the Yard Sales, we saw our good friend Lonnie Christenson. Her son-in-law was also riding in the race Justin was. Actually, Steve was on Justin's relay team. Lonnie is always so sweet with our boys, Trey loves her and followed her around the Yard Sale. He wanted nothing to do with me. Lonnie helped me pick out a sassy child's chair in RED and a cute step stool in blue.

Trey in his beloved blue Snuggie. ("It is EVEN in a boy color mom" he told me. As if THAT was going to be the deciding factor of why we should purchase the Snuggie!)
Tian testing out the blue step stool and red chair.

a morning in Tian's life

Lazy morning in Tian's life. It is a rare morning to just lounge in pj's, eat cereal off the floor (promise, they were in a bowl ON the ground!) and stare out the window, pointing at every fly that passed by.

farm days at Preschool

Trey and Tian have had some of the greatest "teachers" at their "old preschool." (if you are needing an explanation for "old" and "new" preschool names, check in some of my older posts.) This week, Miss Denise and Miss Tori have planned a "Farm Day" for Tian's classroom. They were asked to dress up as their favorite farm animal, or a farmer. So, we pulled out the jean short overalls (I LOVED overalls as I was pregnant with Trey, but as I have had both of my boys, I have decided overalls look WAY cuter on the rack then on my boys. I don't know, maybe it is their big bellies which just throw off the whole "cuteness" factor of overalls.), a plaid shirt, a cowboy hat, and Justin found a handkerchief that he snuck around Tian's neck.

When we got to preschool, Tian was a little shyer then usual, being all dressed up and ready for the farm. Miss Denise was so excited to break out her "John Deer" fruit snacks she picked up for each little child JUST for this special day. She is so organized, not even a mother herself, she takes these little ones into her life as if they were her own. (BTW, I think she is single if anyone would like info on this sweet, sassy, hot little lady!)

Trey saw I was going to be taking pictures of Tian, so, naturally, he wanted pictures taken in his classroom.
This little man standing next to Trey is Juston. When Trey began this preschool when he was just about 4, he was still a little nervous and would break out in tears on a weekly base. Juston would always try to make him feel better. Trey says the girls chase Juston and Trey around the playground.
Kairon is another friend Trey has met. When Kai saw I was taking pictures of Trey and Juston, he asked if I would take a picture of him.
Juston, Tyler and Trey. These three are "supposedly" the lady killers of the classroom. Trey tells me girls want to "marry" them. Oh boy howdy.