Saturday, December 26, 2009

Trey's the V.I.P.

It was Trey's lucky day to be the V.I.P. He decided to bring his "sword and shield" for show-and-tell, we baked candy cane cookies for Family Night and brought them for the preschool, and brought "gingerbread bear kits" for the treats.
Trey was so excited for his big day, he asked me to come into the classroom and take pictures of him and his friends. I was shocked! Usually I AM the one to beg for pictures!

Our "treat" we brought to share with the class. I secretly get WAY too excited about this part of preschool.
Tian in HEAVEN (behind Trey.). He LOVES the snow!

Trey ready for his V.I.P. day. Don't worry, he wore a jacket to school! He just wanted to show off his "Santa Shirt."

Lexi showing me her pet shop animal!
Tian loved walking around the classroom. I actually didn't worry about him in the least bit while I took pictures; which was very strange for me. He seemed so content just standing, watching everyone play!
Back row: left to right: (Unknown boy, Trey couldn't remember his name. So sad. Maybe he was a visitor), Gavin, Landon, Ender, Keaton Parson, Trey

Front row: left to right: Ellie, Lexi, Keatyn B. Tyler, Hadley

The Preschool area!


This is Trey's first "school crush," Keatyn B. He talks about her quite a bit! I think they make a cute couple, but I wont be encouraging ANYTHING until Trey is about 29!

Keaton Parson

Trey playing in the closet they have turned into a Pet Shop.

Trey often says he played "pet shop" at "free time" with Keatyn B., Keaton Parson and Lexi. I have asked what "pet shop" entails and he says, "You know, where you take a pet when they are sick, hurt or dying?" Like, DUH Mom. I corrected him and said, "You mean you play Veterinary." On this particular day, Mrs. Cherry said this was the first time they played in the closet. I guess Trey was tired, or his "pet" was tired!
We love Miss Des and Mrs. Cherry and are so grateful for their patience and expertise. Trey looks forward to preschool on Mondays and Wednesdays.

Old Barn

I have been driving past this old farm property for 8 years now and I finally got up enough guts to trespass. I wanted to get a family picture AND complete a photography class assignment all at the same time, so, against Justin's plee, I drug them all out for a quick picture. At the time, I didn't have a tripod, so I used a good old Home Depot orange 5 gallon bucket (thanks to my friend Alyce who has probably forgotten it is still in my garage. OOOPS!) and placed my camera on top. I positioned the boys, set the Timer, and away I ran! Just as I began taking pictures, the largest snowflakes began to fall! The boys and Justin were such great sports! Thank you guys!

I can't wait to come back here in the spring. There are hundreds of old tires, a few barns and sheds, PLUS, an old white farmhouse!

***Emily, this is a place we need to go together to! I think you might enjoy it!***

Notice the large white thing below Tian's bottom lip... a big snowflake! He LOVES the snow, but more importantly, he loves to EAT the snow!