Friday, January 22, 2010

Happy New Year


Our New Years was pretty uneventful. We went to "the cousins" home and watched them play the Wii. We then were off to a friends home for a New Year's party and Tian fell asleep. I decided to go home with the sleeping Tian, Trey and Justin would attend the party without us.

Tian woke up at 9:30, was awake for about an hour, and then we were both in bed by 10:45. Happy New Year!

This is a picture of my boys on New Year's morning. Justin went on his traditional hunting trip while me and the boys went shopping!!!

Tian doesn't look too happy, but I think he is just chewing. What he does best I guess!

the "Jesus Cup"


Trey asked for Captain Crunch, plain, no milk, in the "Jesus Cup."

I didn't know what the heck he was asking for. I finally had him show me what he was talking about.

THIS is the "Jesus Cup".....

Shaving Cream Writing

Sometimes working on Trey's writing skills isn't always fun. So, I thought I would change it up a bit and make it more fun and artsy. We had just received some alphabet flash cards, thanks to Aunt Christina and Cousin Nora (hi Nora!!) and I had Trey pick out a card. He then had to write that letter in the shaving cream. The activity ended up being a huge mess, but something that was pretty easy to clean up. Trey became the Shaving Cream monster and his entire body was white by the end of our activity.

Candy day

(can you tell what my favorite candy is?)

I did it! I kept to my New Years Resolution and obstained from candy for a year. Throughout the year I had been collecting some of my favorite candy and freezing them for this very day. My plan of attack for the day was to eat as much candy as I could. My first sweet was a Snickers bar.
Until next year chocolate, candybars and candycorn. Until next year!

Cookies with Sister Barnes

Trey has had the greatest Primary Teachers this year. He began his Sunbeam year with Sister Newby, and ended with Sister Deason. Both of which were so sweet and caring towards the Sunbeam class.
This year Trey has Sister Barnes and I couldn't be more thrilled. She called and asked if Trey would like to come over for an hour and make cookies with her. Trey was so excited for their "date," he could hardly wait.

Sister Barnes had all of the ingredients measured and ready for Trey. Trey began by washing his hands (without being asked. Honestly, I was shocked!) and then got to work. She even let him crack an egg which went amazingly well.
As the cookies cooked, she had a coloring project for him to work on.
We are so blessed to have such a nice teacher for Trey!

Discovery Center of Idaho

My goal for the week after Christmas was to keep Trey and Tian as entertained and busy as ever. Trey didn't have preschool and I didn't have to work. James, Justin's brother and I decided to take the kids to the Discovery Center of Idaho for an afternoon of exploring and adventure.

There were a few rooms we have never explored until this trip. The first one was the Televison room. There was a video camera set up with a blue screen and a special "invisible" blanket.

Tian enjoyed a "peg game" which actually made me so nervous. I could just see him popping one of these little red pegs into his mouth and swallowing it.

Another room we haven't explored was the Vet Office. Trey LOVED it. We had just visited my work the day before and Trey was introduced to the world of radiology. So, seeing the x-rays hanging up of different animals made him very excited.

Trey and Tian with his cousins Tacy and Katie playing Vets.

Thank you cousins for an afternoon of fun and exploring.