Friday, June 18, 2010

church with Delaney


While in Bend, we thought it would be fun to bring Delaney along to Primary with Trey. She has never attended Primary but we knew she would enjoy the songs and the sweet lessons Primary offers. And yes, my boys wore their Easter outfits for the third week in a row. Luckily, they didn't wear them to the same places each week.

Delaney wasn't into taking pictures this afternoon, so, this is the greatest pictures I caught of the three of the boys.

The lesson which was taught in Primary was on Prayers. The teacher asked Delaney how she began her prayers, and her response was, "Dear God." Way to go Delaney! We love you.

bend, or

Jokingly, I was telling my mom we needed to come to Bend soon. And joking back, my mom said, "How about next weekend?" I was working on a Saturday doing Mammograms, and thought, "why not?" Trey would only be missing 1 day of preschool, and pretty soon, he will be entering Kindergarten. We wont be able to miss school as easily. So, after a morning of work, we packed up the car, without Trey noticing, and headed off to Bend. We had gotten about 45 minutes away before I broke the news to Trey. It has become quite the game now that I play with him. Justin stayed behind as me and the boys ventured to Oregon!

When we got to Bend, Robert had just finished his job driving tow trucks, so he showed Trey his "rig." Tian enjoyed the view from the car.

Tian watching from the back of our car

Whatcha think about Trey's outfit? My mom died when he bounced out of the car.

We now know where Trey and Tian get their looks of concentration from. Uncle Robert!

The evening ended with movie watching on Grandma Bend's lap.

milk bubbles


Trey received this cool cup with a straw from Grandma Bend for doing something amazing I am sure. (she rewards the boys for just about anything!) Tian has taken a liking as well to the cup and THIS is what enjoys to do when it is full of milk.....

This boy of mine is tooooo fun!

the uneaten

What would Trey do rather then eat these yummy chicken nuggets with ketchup AND honey dipping sauce?

He would rather work in a workbook. I think I ended up gobbling up his chicken nuggets which didn't phase him one bit.

Notice one of his many war wounds located on his left eye lid?!

Tian has gotten quite into the arts as well. He enjoys "coloring" but most importantly, he enjoys tasting the colored pencils, pens and crayons.

Trey, you are going to make one heck of a Kindergartner. And who could resist that sweet smile of yours?



Trey has been wanting to make our own popsicles for quite some time. So, after the boys nap, I surprised them with some apple juice (YUCK!) popsicles, which they loved! I am sad to think that in just a few months, the boys might not have these special moments together because Trey will be away at school and it will just be me and Tian. I don't think Tian thinks I am as cool as Trey. Is it strange Trey loves wearing long johns?

the pink tree


Year after year, the tree in our front yard blooms beautiful pink blossoms that only last a few days. A little family tradition we have started is to take a picture in front of it on a Sunday afternoon. This afternoon was extra special because our newest nephew Isaac was blessed and we were able to attend sacrament meeting to witness the special blessing. We left shortly after the blessing because I was coming down with bronchitis.

The boys in their Easter attire

Trey wanted to pose with his toy dragon perched on his shoulder.

I had to post this picture because it not only shows Trey's Easter outfit more clearly, it shows the dragon LESS clearly!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Movies with Abbey


After the baby shower, Abbey and I got pedicures (we both had letter stickers put on our big toes. Abbey had a "D" and I had a "T." The kids thought that was cool. Trey kept saying he thought my toes looked beautiful!) and then went home to check on the chillin's. this is what we found them doing.....

Trey still in his pj's (as usual) driving both Delaney and Tian around. Trey, Tian and Delaney only get to spend a few days out of the year together, and when they are together, it is like friends for life. While we went to see Valentine's Day at the Northern Lights Cinema and Grill, Justin, the brave soul he is, took ALL THREE KIDS to McDonalds. Is he the greatest or what?! (I just had a thought, I surely hope Justin had Trey change out of those footsie pj's. Oh well, at least he was fed, clothed and enjoying himself!)

On a side note, just to document that we still have our youthful looks, as we were leaving the cinemas, the lobby was filling up fast for a UFC fight. The manager who checked us in for the movie and took our food order (yes, you order food when you buy your movie ticket and eat while you watch! AMAZING!) yelled at us saying, "Hey, why don't you guys stay for the fight. There are plenty of guys here for you." Our response, "No thanks, I don't think our husbands would appreciate that!"

Chelsea Ann's Baby Shower

I have been looking forward to this day for MONTHS! The day has arrived to celebrate my friend Chelsea Ann's twins birth. She is blessed with having a baby girl AND baby boy and she couldn't look any more radiant! Her showers theme was Owl's and the colors were green, yellow and brown. She had so many loved ones surrounding her, I was amazed the home could fit everyone. I love you Chelsea Ann and think you are one of the most beautiful pregnant ladies I have ever met.

Such yummy food, the greatest cinnamon rolls I have had, next to my mothers of course!

The Owl cake was so so cute, no one wanted to cut into it. So, I don't think we ever did!

We had the chance to sample all of Chelsea Ann's cravings, which were sweets. (she is usually a homemade brownies and cookies type of gal, but not at the moment!)

Sisters from Left to Right, Carly, Sara, Lisa, Mama Hill, Chelsea Ann and sweet Neice Amaris.
Our afternoon wouldn't be complete without pictures with the part-ay girl herself. Abbey and I waited patiently for our turn in line (I told you she was popular and well loved!) for pictures with Chelsea Ann.
Sweet thing, by the time we were through with our "shoot" (seriously, it should have been a photo shoot with how picky the three of us are) we were practically holding Chelsea Ann up. She was exhausted and worn out.

And, it was Abbey's goal to get a picture of her with the Babes! I am sure she is going to kill me for posting this picture, but Goal #34 of life completed! Now, I will be expecting a call from my Abbey telling me to take this picture off! We will see how long it takes for her to see this! HAHA!

BTW, Justin, the greatest husband in the world watched not only our two little guys, but Abbey's daughter Delaney for most of the day. He is amazing and knows how important this birthday/babyshower/friends weekend was to me. I love you!

Three Dirty Thirty Ladies

I have two friends, Abbey and Chelsea Ann. We have been best friends since Sophomore year of high school, and have stayed as close as ever. We have fond memories of staying up late,, sleepovers, and many, many chats. We have always said we would celebrate our 30th together but weren't actually together on our birthdays. (mine on March sixth, Abbeys on March seventh, and Chelsea's on April eighth.) So, we post-poned our "celebration" for a few weeks and gathered together, in Nampa, Idaho, at the Hilton for a late night swim, the night before Chelsea Ann's baby shower! Abbey showered me and Chelsea Ann with silk pillow cases, because you know, we are getting older and need as much a)beauty sleep, and b)less wrinkles and healthier hair! (she is always thinking, that Abbey of ours!)Delaney, Abbey's oh-so-cute 4 year old daughter served as our photographer to capture our celebratory event. 15 years in the making, and if I don't say so myself, we don't look any older then 15! (nor do we act any older.)

Ummm, check out this sweet thang! Miss Delaney Ryan herself!

I love you two! You have been there for me through it all, thick or thin. I love you my friends and can't wait for another 30!

brotherly *love*

A little love between the boys after a lunch. Trey in his pj's as usual (I swear I change him for the morning but by nap time, he is back into a new set of pj's) and Tian in his highchair with food smeared all over his tray. Priceless!

Mackenzie-Senior 2010-Nampa High School

I had the pleasure of taking sweet Mackenzie's Senior pictures. Her mom found my work through Facebook, and we set up her pictures just like that! I was more than estatic to spend the evening with not only Mackenzie, but also her two younger sisters and stylish mama. Thanks for giving me the opportunity Mackenzie to capture such an important time in your life. You are one smart cookie with a sincere heart and a great sense of humore. You will go far, I just know it.

(Mackenzie's younger sister Jordan said this picture "is her!") This sassy little sister is quite the model. Whenever I would turn around, she was always striking a pose. I guess America's Next Top Model is a fav for these three girls!
Whenever I see sisters together, I get a bit jealous. No sisters for me, just three little brothers!

Miss Jordan is a keeper. I hope this family calls me in two years because I would LOVE to photograph her. She was amazing! Hear that Billie, I love your girls smiles!