Saturday, May 22, 2010

easter morning

Easter landed on General Conference Weekend, which meant a pretty quiet morning at our home. Usually, we would be moving quite quickly Sunday morning, getting ready for church! I enjoyed watching the boys play with their Easter Basket goods and eat a quick bowl of cereal before heading off to "the cousins" for an Easter Breakfast and egg hunt.

A HUGE thank you to Auntie Sommers. She really outdid her self by showering our boys with so many goodies. Some goodies the boys enjoyed were bottles of rub on cologne, a play watch for Tian which Sommers sewed (oh so cute), candy, stickers, and a belt for Trey! (Shaydon has the same belt and I have been envying it ever since I first saw him wear it. You know you have a true friend when not only does your friend not mind you stealing their idea but when they actually go out and FIND it for you! She is the greatest!) Thank you Sommers!

Each boy got a pair of sun glasses and a Zhu Zhu pet.

These daisy's were picked out by Trey on Friday, while I was still at work. There is a funny thing about these daisies. As I was walking out to my car on Friday, I was thinking about the days I would come from school or clinicals and I would be surprised by a bouqet of flowers from Justin. Low and behold, on their way home from work/daycare, Justin, Trey and Tian picked up some flowers for me. What a sweet, sweet surprise.
The Easter Bunny brought me a People Magazine (how did the Easter Bunny know how much I loved People Magazines?!) and Tic Tacs. The Easter Bunny knew my New Year's Resolution and swore these were only breath mints, not candy!

Tian enjoyed stickers and jelly beans from the Easter Bunny's friend Auntie Sommers.

The boys in their sunglasses. Like Trey's popped collar?!

Easter morning's activity continued at "the cousin's" home with an Easter Egg hunt and an Easter Breakfast potluck. We all ate, hunted, and played for a bit, and then went back to our home to watch the morning session of General Conference.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Gerratt Maternity

So, I have this amazing friend. You might have heard about her once or twice. Her name is Sommers, and she is expecting a baby boy at the end of May. Months and months ago, I asked her if I could take some maternity pictures of her, and possibly family pictures! She offered her belly, her cute boy Shaydon and her ultra nice and thoughtful husband for a night of pictures! I couldn't have had a better person to pose for me for my second maternity photoshoot! (My first maternity photoshoot was my other amazing friend Chelsea Ann. Chelsea Ann is due June 11th with a boy and a girl. Yes, twins!) Sommers was the first to offer me not only a husband, but a little boy to mix it up just a tad.

See, isn't she beautiful?
Sommers, you are so beautiful and made my experience so easy. You are a modeling queen and a perfect little mommy!

And how could you resist Mr. Shaydon. He is going to be the greatest big brother I know!

Shaydon is standing at the foot of his parents bed, those are his legs that are framing Scott and Sommers faces.

April Fool's Day


Trey is definitely at the age where he can enjoy traditions; especially trick playing traditions. This April Fool's Day I decided to play a few tricks on he and Tian.

The first trick began at breakfast with oatmeal and some of these little critters.....

Trey thought it was the coolest thing ever, and then the whole rest of the day it was "stuff food with weird things" day.

For a snack, I spread some peanut butter between two halves of a banana.

And then Trey decided to treat me to a "Strawberry Surprise." Can you see what was in it?

A nut!

I can't wait for the year I can short sheet his bed, put cellophane on the toilet seat or even better, embarrass him at school!


As the weather began warming up, be began feeling unorganized. I buy the boys clothes 1 year in advance and at this time of year, I usually have the boys summer clothes ready to go, in their drawers and hanging in their closets. This spring, I hadn't gotten there quite yet.

So, I pulled out the Penguin game we inherrited from my youngest brother Derek, and the boys played the Penguin game while I went through the boys rubbermaid totes finding all of their summer clothes and swim wear.

It was really sweet watching these two play so contently with each other as I got some serious organizing done! I love organizing clothes, but more importantly, I love watching these boys grow up becoming great friends.


I have a candle holder center piece on my kitchen table that Tian thinks is the greatest toy to play with. This morning he began stacking all of those candles. Miraculously, none of the candles broke.

terrible tantrum


Who needs to wait until the age of two to throw a tantrum? DEFINITELY not Tian! We usually walk away and ignore him, but this time I just had to catch it on film.

This usually occurs when he wants something that Trey has, when I put the "wrong" bib on him, when he wants to eat by himself but it is too dangerous to let him, when he needs to have his diaper changed OR when he is either hungry or tired.

jealous much

Today was one of the first times I have actually heard and seen Trey outwardly jealous of Tian. We were on a long walk and Trey asked, "How come Tian has eye brows and I don't?" I asked him what he was talking about. He said, "You know, those long eye brows on his eyes." He was talking about Tian's eyelashes and he wondered why he didn't have any. I said, "Trey, those are eyelashes. And you have eyelashes, just like me," and I took off my sunglasses to show him my eyelashes. He took one look at me and said, "You don't have eyelashes either. Just Tian does."

I remembered I hadn't put on makeup yet, which led into a whole other conversation about mascara and eye make-up.

After our walk, I looked at sweet Tian sleeping in the stroller, all bundled up in his snow coat, and was amazed at just how long his eyelashes really are.


This is one of the boys favorite things to do these days.....

... hug!

Tian will run up to Trey and give him a huge hug. Then, almost always Trey will yell, "Go quick mom, get your camera!" He thinks it is the coolest thing, and so do I!


What was going to be the fastest service call turned into being the longest 2 weeks in our furnace's history. We have lived in our home for 8 years now and we have had maybe one or two little fixes on our furnace; nothing too large. I decided to have a heating and cooling company come clean out my dryer vents and clean our furnace. Well, after an hour of dinking around in our garage, the heating guy determined we had several cracks in our furnace and deemed our furnace "not in compliance." Basically meaning, we could have carbon monoxide leak into our home. You know that freaked me out. I was paranoid.

We had a second opinion, this man found even more cracks and more problems with our furnace. It looked like the repair was going to cost between $1500 - $5000. A friend of mine, Jessica, drove pass our home when the second heating man was in our garage. She later called me, like a great friend she is, and asked if everything was okay with our furnace. I told her about all of our problems, and in return, she told ME about two amazing men in our ward that fix and install furnaces on the side!!!! Meet Brother Barney and Brother Deason; our new favorite friends!

(Brother Barney was well aware I was taking pictures, so, he purposely ducked his head down. What a funny guy!)

We were told it would take over 3 hours to repair our furnace and cost over $1500. These men removed, cleaned and installed our new furnace within an hour. And it didn't cost anywhere NEAR $1500! Thank you so much men. I now no longer have dreams of my babies dying in their sleep due to carbon monoxide poisoning.

Monkey Do's, Camille Beckman, and...snow


It is spring break in the Bledsoe Home and I wanted our family to celebrate spring with a few special events. One of which was to get haircuts at Monkey Do's in Eagle. After having Trey's hair dyed blue at the Kid's Fair, he has wanted to go into the salon and get a new do. So, we did.

It was Toddler Tuesday which means toddlers got a discount. Trey wasn't considered a toddler (boo hoo. I can't believe he is as old as he is!) but Tian was. Cinderella was playing on all of the tv's in the salon (totally not a boy place) but Trey and Tian were happy with the selection. Trey basically got a buzz (poor kid doesn't know what to do with ultra short hair. And his hair was looking so cute spiked!) and Tian got a trim. They both got to sit in a car while getting their hair cut. Trey chose a Hummer 2.....

... and Tian chose a Barbie Jeep.

This is the only picture I got of Tian. For the rest of his cut, after standing by this Jeep, I had to hold him steady in the jeep or he was going to take a flying leap out of it.

I was a bit disappointed with the service. The lady cutting my boys hair was not very enthusiastic, or personable for that matter. She was VERY quick, but I think we paid for her "quick job" in the long run. (Justin noticed a ton of mistakes in Tian's hair, and like I mentioned before, Trey basically got a glorified buzz. ) I much prefer Annabelle. But, Annabelle was basking in the sun on a Hawaiin beach.

For the last 8 years, I have passed by the Camille Beckman factory off of Chinden Road and have always wanted to stop in and take their "self guided" tour. I know, I am a total dork, but I have had a few patients who have been employees there and have urged me to come and check it out. Monkey Do's is not too far from the factory, so, I thought this could be a great learning experience for not only Trey but for me as well.

Trey loves lotion, and when I told him we were going to go to a lotion factory, he was stoked.

This is what the factory looks like. Isn't is too pretty to be even considered a factory?!!!

We let ourselves into the factory and began and ended the "self guided" tour within about 3 minutes. Seriously! There were two windows to peer into, many boxes to look at and ONE employee pasting labels onto bottles of lotion. I couldn't believe it. 8 years of wondering what the tour was like and it was done within 3 minutes. After our "tour," the hallway led into the gift shop which was every girls dream. Beautiful in every which way, crystal items, jewelry, lotions galore, and trinkets. Everything any child would want to get their hands on. Surprisingly, the employees were really encouraging and complimentary. They wanted us to look around, I on the other hand, wanted to high tale it out of the gift shop area. After saying "thank you" to the employees, we walked out to find THIS.......

Terrible. This was supposed to be spring.

tian's loves

Tian has many loves, two of which are his pacifier (his "baba") and a drink. He loves water and usually drinks more then one cup of water after nap time.

These are just a few pictures of him and his favorite things, mingled with some silly shots of Tian being Tian!

Which of these two will Tian be losing within a few short weeks? Stay tuned!

Terrible picture quality, but I thought this was a silly face of Tians. He wanted his picture taken and sat right on my lap. The only way to take a picture of him at that point was to hold the camera out in front of him and shoot for the best, no pun intended. Definitely not the best in my opinion!

I love how Tian sticks his tongue out for multiple reasons. To demonstrate he is hungry, in concentration, and to be silly are all reasons for that tongue to put on a show!