Friday, August 13, 2010

Bloody Shirt

Why do I have blood on my shirt? Well, Trey had quite the learning experience this evening. It involved a hard plastic swing, Trey, and poor Tian!

Trey and Tian were playing outside in the sandbox as I was preparing for a family photo shoot. As I was cleaning my camera, I heard Tian scream in pain. I looked outside our window and saw Trey, standing behind the swinging hard plastic swing, and Tian standing in font of the swing. I knew exactly what had just happened, and I soon realized it wasn't just an accident.

I marched outside, escorted Trey to his bedroom, and then went back outside to pick up Tian. Not realizing how bad Tian was, I just about came unglued when I saw blood streaming out of Tian's mouth. I wanted Trey to see what he had caused, so, I took Tian into Trey's room and we all three sat on Trey's bed. At first, Trey didn't see the blood smeared on Tian' face (the mean mother that I am, I didn't wash Tian's face off until after showing Trey) but he soon caught a glimpse of Tian and screamed. He covered his eyes and said, "Get Tian away mom. He will cause me nightmares." I returned his request with an explanation of why we don't swing heavy objects in front of our little brothers because it will cause blood to stream out of their mouths. (At this point, Tian was just staring at Trey. He had stopped crying a long time ago and was wondering why Trey was upset!)

I then left Trey's room, went into the bathroom and cleaned off Tian's mouth. Tian was smiling, I was almost giggling, the mean, HARSH mother that I am, was secretly hoping, in my Love and Logic mind, that Trey would NEVER attempt to injure Tian again. Hoping the sight of Tian bleeding would be enough to scare Trey to keep Tian safe and not injure him. We will see how long THAT will last, huh?!


As I was cleaning the kitchen from some meal, I looked into the front room and this s what I saw:

My boys reading to eachother. Have you ever read a Skippy Jon Jones book? The cutest books around I tell 'ya! The boys love to read them!



Just like the beginning of school, I gave Trey a "end of school year" gift. One item which was in the gift was a pair of soccer shoes. YES, our Treyman will be playing soccer for the first time this Fall. I don't know if it is bad luck to have his first scheduled game on 9.11, but, it is!

2nd Preschool Graduation

Trey has way too many preschools to keep track of. This weeks preschool was his "new" preschool. He attended preschool on Mondays and Wednesdays from 9:30-12 at Miss Des home. Miss Des and Miss Cherry were his teachers and are AMAZING! If anyone is in need of a preschool, they are the place to go!

Justin and I were amazed at what the children had learned throughout the year. They learned an Alpha Rap, how to count in Spanish, all the colors in Spanish, counting out syllables and rhyming just to name a few. (as we were driving to our end of year party at good ol' Mickey D's, Justin turned to Trey and this was their conversation. Justin: "Trey, you are officially smarter then me." Trey: "Why?" Justin: "Because you know a whole lot more Spanish then I do!" Trey: giggled!)

A thank you card Trey wrote which went with a liter of A&W root beer. A note attached to the root beer said, "You are an AWESOME teacher." We added some chocolates to it as well.

Trey with Miss Des (on the left) and Miss Cherry (on the right.)

The Preschool class! Trey sitting between two of his best friends, Keaton P. on the left, and Alexis on the right.

(Trey and his best buddy Ty)

Trey was so mature. Before the program began, he wanted to sit in his spot, NOT near us. (he is sitting next to his "dream girl" Keatyn B.)

Tian sat through the program in awe. If only Sacrament meeting was THAT entertaining!

Ty receiving his certificate of completion. His parents asked if I would take his picture. Not the greatest, but at least it is better then TREY's! (which will not be posted!)

After graduation, we headed to Mickey D's for lunch, play and treats!

The "cupcake toppers" are a creation of Secrets of a Super Mommy!

Isn't she so pretty? Miss Keatyn B. was everyone "girlfriend" for the year. All the boys loved her.

We are so blessed to have had a great preschool year. So blessed to have friends like the Dribnak's pictures above, and so blessed to have a daddy who came and spent the day with our family instead of going into work! So blessed are we!

Slater Larry Gerratt

My bestie, Sommers gave birth to the sweetest little guy! I was fortunate enough to see little Slater the night of his birth. I held him for quite some time and didn't feel guilty at all for hogging him from his other visitors. (sorry Jessica!) He has got to know his Auntie Rebecca now doesn't he? (Trey asked me the other day if Shaydon, Sommers oldest boy was his cousin and if Auntie Sommers was actually his aunt. I told him she wasn't, but we would like her to be. When I announced I was pregnant with Trey to Sommers, I made a card, with a picture of Trey's ultrasound on it and said, "Will you be my Auntie?" So, the nickname stuck and I am soooooooooooo happy and grateful it did!!)

Sommers is amazing, not requiring ANY medication whatsoever for her first and now her second delivery. Makes me look like a drug seeker!

I loved the time I spent in Slater's hospital room. For one, I feel a little toooo comfortable in hospital rooms (probably because I work in a hospital, NOT because I frequent them!) and two, I love the Gerratts. They are one of the greatest couples we know and we are so fortunate to have such great friends.

You two deserve all the love and support you are given. Love you FOUR!

(if you are criticizing my pictures, KEEP IN MIND, I am in a hospital room at 9:30PM! Terrible lighting, and, I hate the flash~! (and I am sure Slater would too!))

"Be Involved"


The month of May's theme for Activity Day's was "Be Involved." I wanted the girls to learn how to be involved around the home. Today's activity was making dinner. At the beginning of our activity, I told the girls about my bestest friend Chelsea Ann and how she was pregnant with twins. Chelsea Ann was going to be delivering twins 3 days after our activity, so, the girls were going to be learning how to make a dinner in which we were going to give to Cheslea Ann and her husband Shane. Some of the girls really got into it. Others weren't too impressed, or should I say, "Involved.", so, they chose to sit on our couches while the rest cooked.

Of course Trey got involved.

The fun part about this activity was the girls wrote special messages to Chelsea Ann and Shane and then my boys and I delivered the meal to them.

Seriously, this friend of mine does NOT look ready to have TWINS! She looks TOO amazing!

Nampa Race


Justin competed in a race throughout downtown Nampa. The police barricaded the streets off, and by police escort, the racers cycled through the streets of downtown. We had the greatest view, standing just on a street corner! It was early enough in the morning that we didn't have to fight crowds or traffic for that matter like most races! We had somewhat of an embarrassing moment thanks to a very observant 4.5 year old. There was one cyclist trailing quite a bit behind the pack and Trey pointed at him and said, "Mom, that guy is going SLOW!" Embarrassment! We were standing close enough to the racers that this poor guy could totally hear us. And, if you can't tell from the pictures, we were the ONLY spectators on the streets!

(that handsome man in front donning the orange is Justin!)

Greenbelt Sunday Walk

One of our favorite places to take a Sunday stroll is the Boise Greenbelt. We usually park in the Bowen Crossing parking lot and start hiking. We found this part of the Greenbelt in 2007 while Geocaching. We thought it was amazing, until Justin got one of the worst poison oak rashes any dermatologist as ever seen. It was a week before we took a trip to Jackson Hole for a work conference for Justin, and before the conference even began, we rushed Justin to a Dermatologist. He immediately was administered a shot (in the booty!!) and a prescription for special cream which had to be picked up from an old school pharmacist in town. We were so lucky to have gotten into a doctor so quickly.

Anywho, when traveling along the Greenbelt, needless to say, we stay on the path and don't venture into any bushes or trees.

The homes along the path are simply amazing and breathtaking. One of our favorites properties is basically a small zoo. There are little ponies grazing in their front yard, they have swans, geese and dogs. On this particular afternoon they had fun jazz music blaring throughout their backyard as they hosted some friends for a BBQ.

(the amazing property I would kill to own!)

I have a picture of Trey sitting in the exact same spot when he was just barely 2 years old.
I love Trey's clenched jaw face as he ran.
Tian loves walks, especially when he is on Dad's back. He chomped on an apples the whole walk.

Some beautiful things we saw along the way, including a little "love sign."

(we thought this leaf ressembled a "heart.")

Monday, August 9, 2010

Ladies Tea Party #2-Annabelle's and Mine!!!

It was my turn to host our monthly ladies tea luncheon. I teamed up with my good friend Annabelle (and my hair dresser) to host a very chocolate-y lunch. I use every possible occasion to bring out my chocolate fountain. Because I don't eat candy, this is my way of getting that candy fix!

Thanks Amanda for watching the boys!

Annabelle just returned from a family vacation to Hawaii, hence, the flower in her hair. We didn't just snack on chocolate; we had chicken rolls and yummy broccoli salad.

PJ day at the "new" preschool

It is a known fact Trey has a SLIGHT obsession with pajamas. And I say "slight" with the greatest sarcastic voice I have. So, you could only imagine how excited Trey was to find out they had earned a movie/PAJAMA day at his "new" preschool. ("new" preschool got it's name from distinguishing between dayCARE and Preschool. I have never been fond of the name, "daycare" and have called daycare "preschool." Once Trey was enrolled in actual Preschool, I told him it was a "new" preschool. Hence, the name "new preschool" came to be!)

Trey wore his favorite pajamas; his "camping" footsie pajamas to school. (he calls them his "camping" pj's because the pj's have tents, owls (my favorite part of the pjs; not too many boy pj's have owls on them!), squirrels, all things camping I guess.) Because of the feet in the pj's, he couldn't wear actual shoes. So, his rain boots came in mighty handy. I thought he looked cute in his zip-up footsie pj's and bright green boots. You can only dress like this when you are 4; although I wish I could wear an outfit like this in public and still look cute!

Trey wrestling with his best buddy Keaton P.

Trey had been waiting for weeks for this big day, I am so proud you helped your class accomplish your goal Trey!