Thursday, July 29, 2010

Ke$ha Fans

Terrible I know, but I couldn't resist. The boys love Ke$ha and dance their hearts out whenever a song of hers comes on the radio. The cutest thing about their dance moves is how great they can "shake their 'thangs" while strapped into their seats.

Girl's Nite-Sushi Style

Have you ever enjoyed watching someone eat Sushi for the first time?

I had the pleasure of meeting girlfriends from work at a Sushi joint where we enjoyed watching some of our friends squirm while trying Sushi for the first time. We were all shoe-less, eating in a little VIP room designated to us, laughing our hearts out. It is so comforting knowing you can have fun with coworkers in AND out of work!

Sonya on the left and Emily on the right. (Emily is not only my coworker, but she is my photography friend as well!)
This is Heidi. Heidi is my supervisor, and to be honest, she probably makes this face every time she sees my name on her caller ID!

Heidi (on the left) and Sonya's (on the right) expressions are PRICELESS!

This was my favorite of our assorted Sushi bar. I usually only settle for the California Roll, but this night I ventured out for something different and am so glad I did.

Here we are, the Park Center Ladies! If anyone needs their mammogram, you will probably see at least one of us, if not the whole clan at some time during your visit! Thanks Vy(far left bottom with dark short hair!) for setting this night up. It was delish and so fun!