Saturday, December 12, 2009

Boys enjoying snow

Our boys *love* the snow.

In fact, when we had to leave the snow, Tian threw a 3 minute tantrum, just to show us how much he LOVED the snow.


After traveling to the volcano outside of Bend, we thought we could possibly take the 6 and the 4-wheeler back, hook up some sleds, and have a morning of fun in the snow before celebrating Thanksgiving. It was the perfect location, there were roads to travel on, and untrampled snow to sled through. The skies were clear, the weather was warm and very comfortable.

Tian, Grandpa Bend, and Derek. Tian's FAVORITE place to be was in the driver's seat. I don't know if it was the heat from the engine or if it was getting to ride with Grandpa!
Tian road on the sled once, and that was all the time he needed. He realized ridding in the driver's seat of the 6-wheeler was a whole lot nicer.
The gang of sledders!
Derek and Trey. Don't they look so happy? This was the perfect combination; they had the best of time!

Uncle Robert and Tian on the 4-wheeler.
Yes, even Cooper the dog got in on the adventure.

AND, my mom took a stab at the sledding. She didn't like it, complained that it rattled her brain. Mine too!

I was so happy to have my new North Face snow boats! The first time testing them out and they were fabulous! I was so grateful to have them!

Hot tubbing and playing Grandpa Horsey

One of Trey's favorite things to do at Grandma and Grandpa Bend's home is to swim in their hot tub. Derek joined Justin and Trey and showed off his somersaults in the hot tub. Yes, he can actually do somersaults underwater IN the hot tub!

Also, rough-housing with any male member of my family is a favorite pastime with my boys. This evening, it was pretending Grandpa was a horse, and jumping on him. I should have pulled them off immediately, considering my dad fractured his back a few winters ago, but the bouncing didn't seem to mind him. In fact, I think he enjoyed the abuse! Tian was the one who started it, and quickly Trey joined in. Where there is one boy, you will quickly find the other!

Laurissa and Abbey's family pictures

While at the Reindeer Farm, I was given the opportunity to take two family pictures. One of Laurissa and her two sweet sons Hunter and Eli. They moved to Bend a few years ago from Hawaii, and at this time of year, I would do anything to live in Hawaii.

The second family was of one of my bestest friends in the whole wide world: Abbey! Her family is so photogenic, and Delaney is quite the little model. I promised Abbey and swore upon our friendship I wouldn't post her family pictures on my facebook OR blog until she got her Christmas Cards out; therefore, I will only be posting one picture of Delaney and her daddy Ryan!


Not to make Central Oregon even MORE cooler, BUT, there is a reindeer farm just outside of Bend called Operation Santa Clause which is open everyday, from dawn until dusk! Yes, it is true, and we were lucky enough to see them! We invited a few friends (besides Grandma Bend, Grandpa Bend, and Uncle Robert), Abbey, Ryan and Delaney Davis and our friends Laurissa, Hunter and Eli.

The reindeer were in small numbers (the website boasts it is the LARGEST reindeer farm in the US, with 70+ head of reindeer) because most of them were away at reindeer gigs. I guess they rent them out for the holiday season!

The reindeer weren't too social, so, with the help of my Dad, Robert, and Ryan, we opened a gate which got us a bit closer to the reindeer. Aren't we rebels?! They are much smaller then we expected, and of course, very hairy! While we were out in the field we tresspassed into, we found a vertebrae from the reindeer AND Ryan found Trey an antler. Is that what they are called on reindeer? Trey was pretty excited!

Sweet Delaney Ryan and Treyman watching the Reindeer

Trey and Ryan holding the Reindeer antler

Grandma Bend and Robert

Robert and Derek

Ryan holding Delaney so she could get a good view of those Reindeer

Tian wasn't too into the Reindeer and spent most of his time with either Justin or Grandpa Bend

It was great to spend the morning with friends and family!

After the farm, we drove into Sisters for some killer donuts, and then home for a little sleep for the little guys!


While driving to Bend, we asked Trey what he wanted to do with Grandma and Grandpa Bend. The one thing he wanted to do was to see some Volcanoes. I don't know what made him think of Volcanoes but we were able to grant his wish. I don't know if he was disappointed at what he found, I think he was expecting an active volcano, but, nonetheless, we found a volcano. There is a national park just about 15 miles from my parents home that once was an active volcano. Our high school's mascot WAS the Lava Bears, so, there is lava all throughout Central Oregon. (please don't tease me about my school's mascot. It is quite an embarrassing story how the Lava Bears came to be, and when I heard it for the first time, I was so mad!)

Instead of finding hot, flowing lava, we found fluffy, wet, SNOW! Trey was so excited, he rolled and rolled around in it. He actually made a snow angel the moment he stepped out of the car. He couldn't stay off the ground he was so excited to be one with the snow! The snow sent all of his hopes and dreams of hot flowing lava right out the window, and he was as happy as ever!

Look at how deep the snow was. Trey's poor little legs are covered up to the knee in snow. Here he is posing with Grandpa Bend!

I think he was screaming he was so excited to see not only a volcano but to play in the snow!

Trey, the Tutor, and Twister

One of Trey's all time FAVORITE things to do in Bend is work along side Derek's tutors. Derek has four amazing Tutors that come to my parents home daily and teach him all he needs to know. On this morning, as a reward, Derek got to play Twister, and asked Trey if he would like to join him. Of course Trey jumped at the opportunity, considering HE thinks he is part of the Tutoring session anyhow. I was impressed at how well he followed direction! Teaching him his Right from his Left has paid off!

Beautiful Bend

We arrived in Bend, Oregon to celebrate our Thanksgiving with my parents Sunday early afternoon. It was the fastest trip we have made to Bend since we were child-less: 5.5 hours! And look at what we woke up to the following morning? Clear skies and a beautiful view of the Three Sisters (the mountain range)!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Big News

So, can you guess what the big family news was?




Well, James what called to be his ward's new Bishop! If anyone were to ask us if we were surprised, Justin and I, hands down would reply, "no." James is one of the most spiritual men I have ever met, always thinking of others, he is a great listener, and he tries each day to be the best man he can be.

We postponed our trip to Bend so we could witness his name being read over the pulpit as the new bishop, and then to witness him being made an Elder and a Bishop. (unfortunately, I was out in the hall for the ordination while Tian ran crazy! His cousin Tyson, James' youngest was out with Tina's mom.) Justin's dad is the bishop of his ward and Tina's dad is a bishop of the BYU-I ward. Very special they both could be there to support James.

family portraits


Grandma Marie and Grandpa Larry are two very thoughtful grandparents. They were going to be spending quite a bit of time at "the cousins" the following week, and decided they would dedicate their Saturday afternoon in Idaho to our two little guys! Not too many grandparents would be willing to make such an effort, so, their thoughts and efforts did NOT go unnoticed! The only desire I had for that evening was to get a nice picture of the boys with their grandparents! Thankfully, Grandpa Larry is also into photography and was very interested in doing a little family photo shoot! We went to Lake Lowell, a place I have never really considered for a shoot location, but a place I will always hold in the back of my head for back up!

It's so nice to have someone else take our family picture. Usually, we prop the camera up on some random object, hit the timer button and run for the pose! Thanks Larry!

Just for my future knowledge and journal purposes, Trey and Tian's eyes were not edited in these pictures!

I *love* the crook of Marie's elbow in the above picture. I love how it makes a 90 degree angle, and I love how it is resting on a perfectly great 'line' which leads the eye to Marie and Larry!

And off Trey and Grandpa Larry go, running to the warm car!

Thank you Larry and Marie for fulfilling my photo shoot desire!