Sunday, February 28, 2010

hot tub

We have enjoyed our hot tub for nearly 4.5 years but it was time to replace the old and in with the new. Justin found a hot tub one afternoon and called me to tell me "it is a lot smaller then our old one. It would be easier to heat, more energy efficient, and take up less space." I didn't mind having a smaller hot tub; it is usually just the two of us in it anyhow (unless a girl's nite rolls around WHICH needs to be planned pronto!). When Justin and his friend Travis and Matthew (thank you guys!!!) delivered the hot tub, I was shocked at just how small it truly is. Trey is able to stand right in the middle of it. I am able to sit on the bottom and still have my head above ground.

The first Saturday of having the hot tub, Trey HAD to test the waters with Justin. I can't tell you how long they were out in the hot tub, but long enough that their skin was all pruiney!

(we later found out that the makers of this hot tub are from Florida. So, the hot tub did NOT come insulated and lost heat very quickly. Justin drained the hot tub and put insulation in all around the tub, just not the bottom. It will also only heat to 104 degrees which is a bit chilly in my opinion, SO, we are trying to figure out how to trip the thermometer to heat it higher. Oh well!)

Miss Molly

Thank you Miss Molly for spending time with us this afternoon! We swung, colored, and played on the stairs.

Escape Artist


Tian woke up from his nap this afternoon and began to cry. I waited just a moment to see if he might go back to sleep but instead of his cries getting softer, they became louder, AND closer sounding. I began walking across our home to his room, and HE met ME in the hallway. I think I might have screamed just a little bit. He escaped from his crib by climbing onto his crib bumper. It should have been no surprise to me whatsoever, he climbs onto everything, but this was different.
Immediately, I began taking his crib apart and lowered the mattress down to the lowest our crib would go.
My friend Annabelle, who cut Tian's hair this afternoon told me if the "escape" scared him enough, he shouldn't do it again. She was right, he hasn't even tried it.