Monday, August 2, 2010

waterpark season passes, kiddie area and playing

It is that time of year to start getting ready for the water park. This morning was dark and dreary, but a perfect day to pose for our season pass pitures! We then took a walk around the park, sizing up all the rides we would go on this summer.

My photog/coworker/friend Emily met us with her two sweet and very cute kiddos for some fun at Whazoo for a few hours. Emily's poor little guy Chase wasn't feelng too well,therefore, he really didn't enjoy the full magnitude of fun Whazoo has too offer. AND, Emily and I were crawling, swinging and sliding the afternoon away so I failed to get any pictures for proof we were actually at Whazoo.

The evening ended with some bike riding and railroad building in the driveway.

(BTW, I promise Tian removed the dragon from his mouth for his Water Park season pass picture!!)