Thursday, April 1, 2010

the farm

Some photographers are very secretive about "their favorite locations" to take pictures. I have even asked people where certain pictures were taken, and their response has been, "Oh, that's MY secret place. It is somewhere downtown." Well, Emily is not this way AT ALL! This is one of her favorite places, and after we drove around this treasure valley, we ended up at "the farm." This property is for sale and has so many options. I pray it doesn't sell for a very long time.

Thank you Emily for the eventful, adventurous day! I love the farm, love the downtown Eagle locations, and lastly, I think we will LOVE the location where Trey "left his mark," twice, as you like to say! (thankfully, boys and "emergencies" are SO much easier then I can only imagine a girl would be.) Until next time, maybe the "farm #2/Trey's mark" will be just as great as THIS farm!

Pathetic, THIS is the only decent picture of the two crazy boys together. So sad.

This place has a tire swing that Trey and Kenley loved!

It also has a red barn with old windows with actual glass in them. So authentic.

I just took pictures of a great friend from Bend's children, and her son Mason had a stick in his hand for most of the pictures I took of him. SEE MINDY, I told you most of Tian's pictures are of him holding a stick! I think it is a boy thing.

And lastly, the one object this property has that I have been DYING to get a picture of is a Silo! Whenever I see a silo, I really, REALLY want a picture of one of my boys in front of it. I don't know if it is the natural slate blue color of the silo, or the rustic feel of a silo, I just love them!

eagle, idaho

Our first stop with Emily was downtown Eagle, Idaho. She was told about a gazebo that one of her "photog friends" uses often. It was a perfect place for the kids to run. Emily found a great tree that Kenley looked so cute in. Unfortunately, trees and Trey just don't mix at the moment. Not to worry, no harm done, the pictures weren't really pleasing to the eye. Trey is more the urban, sidewalk type of guy. And Tian, well, any picture I can get of him LOOKING at me is fine by me.

Tian's devilish grin is too cute. With this little look, you know he is going to attempt something he shouldn't.

(while I took these pictures of Trey, Tian was safe and sound, all bundled up in the stroller. Bless his heart, he doesn't mind observing from the stroller.)

I think I should have been awarded the WORST MOTHER of the YEAR on this particular day. I wanted to take a picture of the boys in their cute plaid shirts, so, I made them pose without their jackets. Trey's eyes are really watery in this last picture, and both boys noses are so red. I am so sorry boys!

pictures with Emily

I am so fortunate and lucky to not only work with some of the nicest people, but to also share the same interests with most of them as well! Emily began working with me right before Trey was born, and since our friendship began, we have shared in the births of 4 children (she has a daughter a year younger then Trey, and a son just a little younger then Tian!) and many changes through work. Recently, we have enjoyed our loves of photography with each other. We completed a class together and get together to practice our skills. Emily has taught me so much about our camera (yes, we have the same camera which was not a planned thing! Great minds think alike!) and photography!

You are wonderful Emily and I look forward to our little adventures! Any outing with 4 children under the age of 5 is an adventure in my eyes!

Emily's daughter Kenley. Look at those beautiful eyes.

Tian and Emily's son Chase. Poor little guy, a few days after this adventure, he was diagnosed with RSV! If you were to look at Tian's face, (mainly, his nasty nose) you would have thought TIAN was the sick guy! Chase is such a beauty, if you can say that about a little guy! His skin is so clear and his eyes are so bright blue!


As long as I can remember, Tian has stuck out his tongue when in deep concentration. Like this morning, as he was building with Lego's. You can tell just how focused he was by how far his tongue stretched! Tian, you and your tongue make me laugh!