Saturday, September 18, 2010

Dirty Dash-Boise


It all began with a phone call from my mother.

Mom: "Do you have a telephoto lens" was the question which began the conversation

Me: "Yes."
Mom: "Well, Emily Huber might be calling you. There is a race coming up in Boise that needs a photographer with a telephoto lens."

Me: *silence* I didn't know what to think. My thoughts were racing.

The day wore on, my thoughts still running a mile a minute, and finally, my questions were answered with a sweet little facebook message from my old friend Emily Huber. We grew up in Bend together, she lives in Twin Falls, and seriously. A person should not be as sweet as she is. She is, and always has been, one of the most genuinely kind, honest, most thoughtful friends I have ever known.

The message went something like this:

"Rebecca. I have a friend who is looking for a photographer and I think this is a job you would be good at." Then, she had posted the message from her friend Garrett. Garrett was wanting to hire a photographer to shoot a 10K race called "The Dirty Dash" coming to Boise. It was Boise's first time hosting the race, and it was considered a "Mud Race." "Triathlons and Marathons are for wussy's" is their motto. COUNT ME IN! I wouldn't be caught dead running in a 10K, but shooting people running and actually having fun doing it? Love it already.

I contacted Garrett, who put me in contact with a sweet girl named Melissa who took my information. They checked my portfolio, my camera and lens specs, and hired me within a day or so!

One obstacle I had to jump through: finding a sitter for the ENTIRE day for my sweet boys. Justin has approached hunting season, making me a hunter's widow (if that is even what they call it!). I had been told by my good friend Amy that a girl in our ward, named Sammy was great. I have watched Sammy grow from a 7 year old to an almost 16 year old teenager with an imagination like no other and energy I could only envy. PERFECT for my two boys. She was hired and up for the challenge.

Day of race. Sammy arrived around 7:10am. The boys had just woken up, Trey was a cranky boy and Tian was as happy as ever. Sammy had some apple cider in hand an two pop tarts. A girl after my own heart. I had made banana bread and Caramel Rolls for the boys and Sammy to eat for breakfast. Sammy quickly ditched her pop tarts and took some Rolls. Once again, a girl after my own heart. Someone who isn't afraid to take the food offered to her!

At 7:30am I was off to Bogus Basin. I was supposed to be meeting my photog friends at 8am, and was a bit nervous I wouldn't make my scheduled time. I was right. Between the traffic weaving up Bogus Basin and my lack of steadiness around the curvatious roads, I got to my destination at about 8:20am. I was freaking out needless to say, but was grateful my new photog friends didn't seem to notice the time. They handed me a shirt, a bagel and cream cheese and took me up the side of the mountain to my station. They provided CF cards, a "camping chair" (which was actually a little "chair" they use in the military I think. I assembled it but never used it.) I was to stake my "Flo-Foto" sign near where I stood, but I don't think anyone noticed it. I waited, with the First Aid and Ski Patrol men and women until the racers arrived. 1.5 hours later. Did I mention I was stationed near the largest slip and slide I have ever seen in my entire life? I knew Trey and Tian would have been so jealous. Secretly, I was hoping to have time to test it out myself, but to no avail.

About 10:30am the first three racers cruised down the hill and slid down the slip and slide. They were serious about this race, no funny outfits or lally-gagging down the slide. After the first three racers slid down the slide, I noticed my CF card I was given did not work. One of the 4 cards was completely full from a race the prior week, the other three were not formatted for my camera. Needless to say, I had somewhat of a panic attack and remembered that I had brought my own CF card which I could easily use. Although, it had a family photo shoot and a maternity shoot from the prior week. Thankfully, I had already uploaded the pictures to my PC, my external hard drive AND my laptop, so I was cleared. The only problem, I had to manually erase one by one. By the end of the race, I could barely move my fingers and was SICK and tired of erasing.

The racing attire was hilarious. I haven't seen so many men in tutu's in my life. There was plenty of spandex and speedos to go around. One team wore tighty-whities. My all time favorite teams had to be the Scooby-Doo gang, including a full on Scooby-Doo outfit (the poor soul who had to wear that beasty costume!), a group of "butchers" complete with blood stained aprons, and one lady wore a bore's head in a Baby Bjorn strapped to her chest. I bet she has a huge bruise forming on her sternum as I type. Did you forget, this was a 10K race?!!!

Thank you Flo-Foto for taking on my skills for the day. It was an experience I thoroughly enjoyed. 5 hours of photo shooting with complete laughter overheard the entire time. The location was beautiful and fresh! I learned a ton, had never shot in AV mode before and was happy to try it out. I also learned I should probably do some more question asking prior to signing up for something so big, but all in all, was so happy to be given the opportunity.

BTW, I came home to two boys and one babysitter, all safe and sound. Although Trey has a fever, body aches and a yucky tummy. Let the flu season begin!
Beware: picture overload!!!! I couldn't help myself. When you take well over 1040 pictures, you just can't choose 3!

Abbey, this one is for you. Doesn't he look like your beloved "Puck?" I kind of thought so!

The woman with the "bore" child.

The Butchers, loved those guys!

This puts a new twist to the old song, "Lady in Red." This is NOT a lady!

My favorite group, the Scooby-Doo gang. The woman in green actually got pretty bad whiplash due to Scooby's slick ride.

Yes, that is a man in a pink fishnet top with duct tape strategicly placed to cover up some private parts.

This dad was the sweetest. He took his son down twice. Even though the son didn't seem to enjoy himself, the dad wanted him to experience some "real" life adventures. (the son had some sort of disability which caused him to wear braces on his arms and legs.) Made me a little emotional to say the least.

LOVE the dad's face in this one!

This group were some type of warrior

Shaydon's little cousin Landon and his mom Brooke!

Mid air landing

Told 'ya, men in tutu's!

There were lots of "piggies" out there! (BTW, this was the constant crowd lining up behind the slip and slide. It made my heart skip a beat, not necessarily in a good way. Considering I was frantically trying to erase my pictures from previous photo shoots from my card in order to make room for this HUGE group!)

The "tighty-whitey" team! They won an award for their "attire."

Miss Melissa Downs!

Mr. Tyson Downs!

Thought this was hilarious! I don't know if they did this on purpose, but look how skillfully placed this mud was placed.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Trey's bday at the "old preschool"

Trey celebrated his birthday weekend by starting it off with a small celebration at "old preschool." He brought cupcakes for everyone to share. Don't worry, he did not have to celebrate his 5th bday at daycare, it was just his birthday week!

Trey looks rough and tough; he must have been cold OR embarrassed.

Check out how I delivered Trey's cupcakes to his class! I didn't want to smoosh the cupcakes, so, this apple packaging I got from Costco worked perfectly!