Tuesday, June 22, 2010

feeding time=favorite time

Tian enjoys feeding the cows for many reasons. He enjoys playing in dirt, feeling like he is "helping" and he enjoys the cows.

Trey enjoys feeding the cows because the cows STOP moo-ing. He hates it when they moo!

rock throwing

Tian shared a great deal of time with Grandpa Bend throwing rocks into the pond. The larger the better for Tian. It all began with Grandpa Bend picking out the rocks for Tian; then Tian wanted to search for the rocks all by himself.


After a morning of changing water lines, Grandpa Bend took the boys around the pond in the paddle boat. I even got up the guts to take a ride around the pond with the boys. I think the boys were afraid to be on the boat with me; I am just not as experienced as Grandpa.

tian.cows.4wheeler.Grandpa Bend

There are three things Tian loves: #1.cows #2.4-wheelers #3.Grandpa Bend.

When you mix all three, the afternoon becomes bliss in the sight of a 19 month old boy.

4-wheeling, Grandpa Bend style

It's kind of hard to say "no" to your father, and the grandfather of your children when he is so much fun and takes your sons 4-wheeling. BUT, when he takes them 4-wheeling like this......

....sometimes you just have to smile, cross your fingers, and look the other way.