Sunday, July 18, 2010

Tian and the "cool cup"

Trey received this cup from Grandma Bend many years ago but it still remains one of the favorites in our cup drawers. Trey has given this cup the name, "the Cool Cup." Tian has somewhat adopted it.

Notice the pile of babies (Tian's nickname for his massive blanket stash is "baby") on the kitchen floor. The morning routine, not only do you have to pick Tian up out of his crib, you have to pile on his three blankets.

Ten Years-Zip Lining

I have been thinking about our ten year wedding anniversary for quite some time. We try to plan a large trip each year, but this year was a little different. For one, I wasn't feeling comfortable about leaving our young boys with family or friends for a long stretch of time, nor was I wanting to bring our young boys on a weekend excursion. So, thankfully we are blessed with a wonderful babysitter who I trust with all of my heart. A few months ago when planning for our anniversary, I suggested Zip Lining . Justin asked me to repeat myself when I told him I wanted to go Zip Lining. He couldn't believe I wanted to go. I am not one for scary rides or adventurous climbs, but when it comes to CONTROLLED adventure, I am all there! (zip lining, paragliding, etc. )

The night before we left, I typed out a 4 page "note" ("more like a novel" my coworker commented as I printed off my pages. I told her I would rather be safe then sorry) and made copies of the boys shot records and insurance card. I also left strict instructions to Amanda, if and when an emergency may arise, to take the boys to a hospital in Boise or Eagle. Nothing in Nampa or Meridian. (she laughed, but little did she know I was DEAD serious. No pun intended!!!)

We had a wonderful time. I didn't stress over the boys at all. In fact, when I left, Trey was already taking a nap and Tian was as happy as ever to see us leave. When Trey woke up, Tian had already gone down for a nap. So, basically Amanda as watching one boy at a time. Not only was she a happy camper, so was I!

Thank you honey for a wonderful afternoon, celebrating our ten years of marriage.

Here are some pictures from our day outing! Beware, picture and video overload!!!

This is the group we were with for the afternoon.The man standing second from the right was a burley guy. He and his girlfriend of one year sat next to me in the "tour van" up to the zip line. (you take a huge van up the mountain for about 35 minutes before reaching the zip lines.) I was a bit nervous sitting so close to them. FYI, I have a slight fear of bigger men with facial hair. Justin teases me about it, but it is true. Anyhow, he ended up being the most scared out of all of us and screamed on most of the lines! If you closed your eyes while listening to him talk, he sounded EXACTLY like Jack Black. By the end of the tour, I wasn't afraid of him at all. See the guide to the right of Justin in the light blue shirt and Khaki shorts? He is a news anchor for the early morning local news station. Justin didn't even recognize him (probably because he never watches the news in the morning, AND because he isn't as star struck as I am) until our "tour" was about finished. Justin had been teasing and joking with him the whole afternoon, which led me to believe he knew who our guide was. Justin eventually asked him if he was on TV because he didn't believe me! Silly Just. Just to prove, yes, Lincoln Graves was our tour guide. Here is a picture copied from KIVI's website!

Random tour guide in the background of our picture. He was the main guide and did all kinds of tricks. Kind of funny picture actually, those harnesses aren't that attractive!

Not the greatest picture of me, and actually it looks like I am just a foot off the ground, but I will tell you I am up much higher then you think!

For this picture, you are told to spread your hands AND your legs out, like a flying squirrel. Swear it!

I think Justin was proud of me for even suggesting we take the Zip Line tour for our 10 year wedding anniversary! This is his "proud face!!!!"

Trey's Preschool video

Trey's "old preschool" graduation

When our beloved Miss Michelle moved on to bigger and better things and we were in search of a new daycare, I conned Trey into believing he was going to a school. He believed me and called it his preschool. (btw, I hate the word daycare.) When we enrolled Trey into Tiny Tots with Ms. Cherry and Ms. Des, he began calling Tiny Tots his "new preschool" and daycare his "old preschool."

Trey has been working for weeks preparing for his "old preschool" graduation. He learned new songs and was excited to perform them. The kids were asked to wear blue shirts and everyone was invited. Justin and I were both able to leave work early to witness this huge monumental milestone.

I grinned from ear to ear, holding both cameras in hand to document every second of this program.

Trey stood so quietly and politely in his assigned spot for the graduation presentation. The program was running quite late, and he was terrified to leave his spot. I finally talked him into leaving his spot and saying hello to us.

Trey with Ms. Nikki (on the left) and Ms. Christina (on the right)

Isn't he the cutest graduate ever?!

Trey's VIP day

Every once in a while Trey is chosen to be the VIP (Very Important Person) at Preschool. I knew this would be his last opportunity in Preschool to be the VIP, so I wanted to make his day a little extra special.

After picking him up from school, I told him we were going out to lunch. He asked "where?" I told him Carl's Jr. He said, "Oh," as if not impressed in the least bit about my plan. I then told him that he was going to have a Very Important Guest join us for lunch (which I had already pre arrainged) and asked if he would like to know who the guest was. I told him it was going to be Chelsea Ann and Treyman literally jumped out of his carseat. He said, "Yipee" and his attitude completely changed!

Chelsea Ann is so sweet, always supporting our family. Chelsea is pregnant and due in two week and looks amazing! You would never have guessed she was carrying two babies.

We are so proud of you Trey and think you are VERY IMPORTANT!
Thank you Chelsea Ann for always supporting our family!


We love when Shaydon comes to visit! The morning was spent outside in the sand.

Be Involved-Activity Day Talent Show

The girls were instructed a few weeks ago to think of a talent they would like to demonstrate in front of the rest of the girls.

Each girl brought their talent and wowed the boys and I for the afternoon. There was everything from hula hooping, singing, book reading, paintings, jump roping, and keyboard playing!

It was Lauren's last day at Activity Days, so, having the greatest mom, she brought cupcakes to share with everyone.
Rachael is quite the artist.

Tabitha sang a song she composed. As you can see Tian is dancing around, enjoying her song.

Abagail is a very entertaining reader.

Abigail also jumped rope.

Ke' ilani also jumped rope.

Brooklynn and I had a little hula hooping contest.

Lexi loves to draw and is very good at it.

Lauren serenaded us with two songs on her keyboard.
The theme for the month of May is to Be Involved. Through this activity about sharing their talents, hopefully the girls will be more willing in the future, as they grow older to put themselves out there and display their talents.

I have been trying to figure out why Tian's face is breaking out in splotches every once in a while. I have used so much aquafor on his face, most of his shirts have grease stains on them. We finally have realized what it is: Strawberries. Tian loves strawberries, poor guy, but it is out of his diet now. No fresh strawberries, strawberry yogurt, strawberry jam or strawberry popsicles.

Love the bed head.

This little cabage patch has been a little friend Tian loves to sleep with at times. Have I mentioned, not only does Tian sleep with three blankets which he has named "Baby" but he insists on taking two toys to bed with him. This doll looks a little like him, minus the bald head.

swimming lesson stamp

Tian was so proud of his bubble swimming stamp he received after his swimming lessons. He would say, "Bubble" and pull up his shirt to show his stamp. He was pretty sad when he woke up from nap and found his stamp had rubbed off after we washed his hands.

This picture was taken right before he found his bubble stamp had disapeared. He was all smiles in this picture, he was completely opposite a few minutes later!

Grandma's chat

Our laptop came with a webcam. Skype couldn't be any easier!
I surprised my mom by calling her with Skype and sat in our kitchen. She looked at my surroundings and guessed it right off the bat. She said, " Are you calling from a notebook?"

Mother's Day walk


After Church and nap time for the boys, we decided to go on a walk along the Rails to Trails greenbelt path. The weather is finally warm, so we packed up the boys, our dog Cooper, the Super Trooper, and the stroller.

This old bronco in the field used to belong to one of Justin's high school friends Tyler. I so wish I could climb the fence and check it out. I bet it would make for an amazing photog prop!

I just love this shaggy haired little man!

Crazy to think just a few short years ago, this boy was a chubby little baby sitting in the stroller cooing at Cooper. Now, he is a boy who picks out his own clothes (hence the high water sweats he had to wear "because they matched") and desires to walk Cooper all by himself.