Thursday, July 8, 2010


Trey has been reading for about a year and I have loved watching him engaging in books. He loves books, and more importantly, loves sounding out what each word says. I no longer can spell out words while talking to friends or family because he will catch on very quickly to the conversation we are having. I will have to start learning French because he probably already knows more Spanish and Japenese then I do (thanks to Dora and Ni Ho Kai-Lan!).

This particular afternoon Trey was supposed to be taking a nap (hence his pj wearing in the middle of the day) but instead he laid on his bedroom floor reading. How could I resist smiling. I would rather him read then take a nap anyday. Well, just ABOUT any day!

Tiny Tots Preschool fieldtrip- the Zoo

Trey, Tian, Ty (Trey's best buddy since birth!) and I joined Trey's preschool for the "end of the year" field trip to the Zoo. Trey was so excited to ride into Boise with his friend Ty sitting next to him in our car. I must have been driving a little fast because Ty said more then once, "Trey, your car drives fast." No Ty, your mom is probably just a more cautious driver!

When we got there, Miss Des and Miss Cherry counted all the children and placed a name tag on each child which read, "I belong with Tiny Tots Preschool" and Miss Des' cell phone number written. So smart and organized that Miss Des is!

Trey wanted nothing to do with me. Ty stuck beside me for most of our zoo tour, Trey was all over the place, jumping from one friend to the next. He secretly adores Miss Cherry and would often find her and grasp onto her hand. I hope she didn't mind. Trey wanted to point out everything to Miss Des and Miss Cherry; I tell you what, those woman have patience like no other!

Tian was amazing, sitting in his stroller pointing out different animals.

The greatest part of the zoo field trip was having Trey's cousin Tacy join the group. She goes to Preschool on Tuesday and Thursday morning, so Trey has never gotten to go on a field trip with her. Even though she had her little group of friends and Trey had his, they would join up every once in a while to chat or look at an animal. She is such a good little girl.

About Trey's sunglasses: It really wasn't that sunny and definitely not warm, "sun glass" weather, but they were new and exciting at the time, so he basically wore them everywhere. If an onlooker took a glance at Trey, they probably thought he was blind. Anyhow, he showed everyone his "Jonas Brothers" glasses. As I was walking with Trey and Miss Cherry, a child came up to Miss Cherry and said, "Hey Miss Cherry, check out my new Sketchers." Miss Cherry said immediately, "Oh, you have got to show Trey." Trey is obsessed with Sketchers and knows a little too much about brands for my liking. I was a bit embarrassed but shrugged it off.

After a tour of the zoo, we had a picnic lunch in the park across from the zoo. I packed some Lunchables for the boys which they were anxious to dig into. I remember my mom packing Lunchables for me on field trip days and thought it was the coolest thing ever. I took the boys to the grocery store the morning of the field trip so they could pick out their very own. Tian's had a jell-o cup, Trey's had a crunch bar. Tian sat with the rest of the kids eating his lunch which made me so pleased. I even had to leave Tian for a moment while I ran after Trey, who was running after a goose. I left Tian in good hands of course before I took off running and came back to find Tian sitting so nicely, still eating!

After the zoo, I bravely took the three boys into the Mall to find some school clothes for Trey at Macy's. I found some sweater vests for next year's dress code on the greatest sale. Counting Trey, Tian and Ty (only guessing how much Ty weighs), I think I pushed 105 lbs. around that store. AND, I got the stroller stuck in the middle of the lingerie section. (I promise Alyce I did NOT take Ty bra shopping, it was the only counter with an associate available!)

The 3 best buds!
Ty (notice his name tag on his fleece!)
Trey and his Best Bud Keaton watching the Lion

Trey and Tacy holding Miss Cherry's hand
Our group stopped two or three times and counted off each child.
These next pictures are for you Grandma Marie! Aren't your grandchildren just the cutest?

Tian and his Lunchable

the ghetto cowboys

There was an ounce of sun this morning, so Trey insisted on wearing some shorts. Not some normal shorts, he decided to wear some jean overall shorts that he has obviously grown out of. He also wanted his blue "engineer" hat because you just can't wear overalls without pairing them with an engineer hat.

Once Tian saw that Trey was wearing a hat, he too wanted to wear a hat. I put a coat on him that was just a little too small (I wanted to get one more wear out of this "cute" coat that I LOVED on Trey, but soon realized the same exact coat, shorts, shirt or hat may look cute on ONE child but may not look so cute on another), and followed the boys out to the backyard.

Tian was carrying a pony head on a stick to play with outside,which gave Trey an idea. I didn't know WHERE Trey's mind was taking him, but he soon returned to the backyard with his girraffe, he has named "Horney" ("because he has horns on his head" is Trey's explaination for his girraffe's name). Soon, both Trey and Tian were running around the backyard with their "ponies" galloping. This was the beginning of the "ghetto cowboys!"

Love and Logic Consequence

I don't remember what choice Trey had made, but this morning, his consequence was scrubbing my bathtub with a toothbrush. Because we are still in the middle of Winter (yes, the beginning of May still provides wind, chills, and lack of sun in our neck of the country) Trey was more then excited to "test" out his new swimsuit.

After all was said and done, Trey enjoyed his consequence thoroughly and asked if he could start on the next bathtub.

I have got to come up with a better consequence!

Tian's 1st Swimming Lessons


I have some of the greatest patients. Some I have seen for 6 or 7 years (I have lost track) and even though we spend about 40 minutes with each other one day out of the year, I look forward to our visits! (even if they aren't too comfortable.) One of my favorite patients is Miss Louise! Her daughter is a Physician's Assistant I used to work with 7 years ago and I have been seeing Louise ever since. I wont disclose Miss Louise's age, but she is old enough to have had just recently both of her knees replaced BUT, you would never know it. She has more energy then my 5 year old and is has a memory like a Chinese Trap. She always asks how my boys are doing, remembering their ages and names, and how my brother Derek is doing! (she has a granddaughter with Autism who she watches on a regular base.) Miss Louise has been teaching swimming lessons out of her home for the last 20 years and we have had the opportunity to take swimming lessons with her when Trey was about 2 in a half.

This last visit with her was an extra special one; she informed me that she was holding a Mommy and Me class and Tian and I were invited! I was so excited. I would be taking the class once a week just with Tian WHILE Trey would be in preschool. Thanks to my good friend Alyce, I would drop off Trey at Alyce's home prior to preschool, she would take Trey to school and I would take Tian to swimming lessons. The first swimming lesson was held on a "no school" day for Trey, so, Trey came to cheer on Tian AND to be the photographer. He was such a great boy, just happy to watch and cheer for Tian. (I even got compliments on how great Trey was doing just sitting and watching. If you know Trey at all, he isn't one to just really sit and watch!)

Thank you Miss Louise for inviting us to take a class! You are wonderful, amazing, and full of life. I hope I can be just like you in a few year!

Miss Louise in the blue cap. Look at her Pool House....amazing!
Look how happy Tian is! He loves the water a little too much!

Before we enter the pool, Trey doing a great job as the photographer.

A close up of Tian

Trey loves the camera, can you tell? I had about 30 self portraits to choose from, taken all by Treyman himself. These are two of my favorite!!! Enjoy!