Saturday, January 9, 2010

Bouncing off the Walls

For our "Christmas Eve Activity," we decided to go to Bouncing off the Walls . My Mom and Derek had been the weekend prior for our friend Delaney's 4th birthday party and said it would be a great place to take Trey and Tian! They were right! There were jump houses everywhere, toys galore, and enough space for our little guys to run around. Trey stayed with Derek for most of the afternoon while Tian and Grandpa Bend played together. Tian enjoyed riding in the push along cars, the jump ropes, and the toddler jump house! Tian and Grandpa Bend have a sweet, special bond that is so nice to watch!

I put my photography class skills to work. First, I tried to take most of my pictures inside Bouncing off the Walls in Manual. Also, I tried to take this picture through a net without demonstrating the net. I think the only obvious place in this picture where the net can be seen is in the top left hand corner.

(Grandpa Bend taking Tian up the big slide. Notice the sign off to the right of the picture which states, "Adults. DO NOT CARRY children up the ladder." After we read this, Grandpa Bend and Tian came off the ladder!)

Justin and Robert hanging out, watching the boys and chatting.

Funny how Tian's favorite "car" to play in was the Police car. He especially loved Grandpa Bend to push him in it. A little true to life Dad, wouldn't you think?!

Trey is pretty brave!

Trey and Derek racing. Personally, I think Trey started a little too early.

Tian and one of his favorite uncles Robert! Robert is always willing to come on adventures with us and the boys while we are in town. We really appreciate how naturally and willingly he has molded into the perfect uncle role model.

After playing for a few hours, it was off to Pizza Hut for some yummy pizza and delicious buffalo wings. Trey enjoyed the juke box and the air hockey table. Tian wanted desperately to take a stab at the arcade games, finally I gave in and let him try a hunting one.
Bouncing off the Walls is something we will return to over and over again! We think the boys really loved it!


I remember 3 years ago how terrified I was of Trey learning how to jump on the trampoline. 3 years ago Trey had just learned how to walk (yes, he was a little slow at getting started, 16 months of age, I didn't think he would ever walk!) and was so excited to join Derek on the trampoline. Trey would come so close to the edge of the trampoline, which would just about give me a heart attack, but as the years have flown, Trey has become quite the little trampoline-er! His favorite activities on the trampoline are: Crack the Egg and Bum-Wars.

(look at that air!)

While Mom was Away...

...the boys played, and played, and played. While I had a spa day with my Mom, they probably napped a bit, and ate lunch, but mostly played with their three favorite guys: Justin(Daddy to them!), Grandpa Bend, and Derek!

Just as we were leaving my parents driveway, a beautiful rainbow soared across the sky, which I thought was beautiful enough to take a picture through the car window.

It had just finished snowing as we were leaving for the spa, and Trey had just enjoyed a few minutes on the trampoline, jumping in his "Christmas" pj's (I bought them prior to Thanksgiving, and brought them to my parents home to hide until Christmas. Trey found them immediately and was determined to wear them every night UNTIL Christmas. I guess Christmas Eve pj's doesn't mean a thing to this determined little man.).

(notice the snow scattered on the trampoline. This was the only snow we got over Christmas in Central Oregon.)

Not the most flattering picture of Justin, but he was busy concentrating on a game Trey and Tian wanted to play. This is how I left my three little guys, playing together.
I was off to a day of bliss!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Our Future Record Exec

While we were at the local grocery store waiting in the checkout lane, I saw the newest issue of People Magazine, featuring Kevin Jonas' wedding. Knowing Trey's recent interest in the Jonas Brothers, I showed him the magazine. He was thoroughly interested and excited to flip to page 58 which detailed all of the wedding extravagant. The lady in front of us in line said, "It's interesting seeing a boy's interest in the Jonas Brothers." I looked at her and said, "Well, his interests could be in something much worse now couldn't they!" She agreed with me.

As we were driving home from the grocery store, we were listening to our ever favorite station, Radio Disney and the newest Nick Jonas song came on. Not even through the first verse of the song, Trey said, "Hey, this is Nick Jonas and the ..... Imagination!" He couldn't remember the name of Nick Jonas' new band. I corrected him by saying, "I think you mean Nick Jonas and the Administration Trey." He giggled and said, "Oh yeah. How do you say it again?!"
(is he the world's youngest Jonas Brother's fan or what?!)

At dinner that night, Tian was babbling in his highchair, saying, "GaGaGa" over and over again. Trey said, "Tian is saying that ladies name Mom. You know, "Lady GaGa!"

That Treyman, he makes me laugh! Who would have known he would be such a name-dropper at the ripe old age of four-and-a-half!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Assignment #6 and #7



I took a families picture the morning after reading about children and pets. I felt very prepared and eager to try some new techniques I had read about. THEN, snow fell and our outside shots became indoor. I really am trying to work on taking in "Manual" only, but, unfortunately I had to rely on the trusty "Program" setting for these ones.
These are of a sweet little 7 month old. A mini wooden rocking chair made the best prop, and the natural lighting was PERFECT, in my opinion!
Taken with Natural Light, at about 10am
ISO 100
Shutter Speed 1/100
Program Setting
AWBI would LOVE some feedback with the face placement in this picture. To me, I think it looks as if she is peeking into the field of view. Is this breaking all rules of photography? Does it look tacky? It was taken like this on purpose, so, if it DOES look odd, it can easily be fixed!! :)
Natural Light at about 10am
ISO 100
1/100 Shutter Speed
Program Setting
AWBI thought Baby "L's" had was just the cutest thing. Any feedback would be excellent. Thank you so much for looking.

My TA Kimberly's Response:

Hi Rebecca,I agree, the lighting looks great. The diagonal line created by the placement of the eyes adds interest. The expression is priceless. A couple things you might consider are including the rest of the ear on the left and the rest of the hand in the lower, left corner. You might consider changing this to black and white to get rid of the blotchy skin (babies often look better in B&W).I agree, the tiny little hand is very cute and makes a great subject. Including the babies head in the background was a great idea. You might consider including the rest of the ear on the right as well as a bit more space above the eye on the left.Thank you for posting....great job on this assignment.
TA Kimberly

Lesson #5 Photography Assignment

My 2nd assignment for my online photography class. These are the photos I submitted, My explanation, and the response from my Teacher's Assistant.

"Family Photo"

For this assignment, my goal was to set my own ISO, f/stop, and Shutter Speed. I also tried different kinds of lighting, mainly, available light (which I have grown to love) and natural lighting.

"Family Photo"
Yes, this is my family. I thought I would kill two birds with one stone. Get our family picture taken AND complete our assignment. My husband wasn't too thrilled to go out in nearly freezing weather, but he did it anyhow! So, I set the numbers up all by myself, used the Manual setting (which I am so excited about. I usually rely on my Program Mode, which is fine, but I want to step out of my comfort zone!), set my camera on a 5 gallon bucket (YES, I need a tripod!), and set the timer.
I positioned my family off to the side of the barn just to distance us from the barn itself. I felt if I placed my family right smack in front of the barn, it would look too distracting. I didn't want the barn to necessarily be a "backdrop," but I did want it in the background. IF that makes ANY sense. If you can't tell, the barn is just about to crumble to the ground, therefore, it was quite difficult to keep the camera somewhat in the same longitudinal line as the barn's roof. I like the contrast of our clothes to the straw-like weeds and the grey barn. I also like the lines off to the right of the picture a fence has created.
Shutter Speed 1/80
ISO 400
It was about 4:45 pm and just beginning to snow. The sun was covered by thick clouds.
Waiting for Santa
Doesn't my son look excited to see Santa? Well, he was, until he saw the Big Man himself and THEN he started to bawl!
The lighting in this mall courtyard was amazing! There were skylights above the courtyard which let in such wonderful light.
I love how the white "fence" framed my son's face, and with my wide open f/stop, the fence grew more faint with distance. I love the detail in my son's hair, his eye lashes, even his chubby little cheeks. This is a picture I think I will really cherish during this holiday season. Shutter Speed 1/60
ISO 100
Program Mode
It was about 2:30pm with amazing light coming from Skylights in Mall Courtyard
I would love any feedback you have to offer!
Thank you for your time!

TA Kimberly's Response:

Hi Rebecca,It is great to see you! You did a wonderful job setting the exposure yourself. The barn is great to have in the background, but you might consider including the rest of your families legs/feet as well. You used a wonderful pose and everyone has good eye contact with us, the viewer. Taking a self portrait is a challenge and you've done a great job here.Waiting for Santa is a wonderful memory to cherish during this and many holiday season's to come. The fence does a nice job of framing your son's face. I'm glad we have one eye that isn't obstructed by the fence. The shallow DOF helps us keep our attention on the subject. The diagonal lines add interest. I'm glad you've grown to love available, natural is wonderful lighting to use.Thank you for posting, nicely done.TA Kimberly

Trey's Drawing

(picture taken by my friend Jessyka)

Trey was drawing pictures for family members and decided to "secretly" draw a picture for me. He whispered to Justin, asking Justin to write, "To: Mom" on one side of the paper, place a "stamp" in the upper right hand corner of the paper, and then drew a picture of "me" on the other side. There was a blue head, eyes, blue legs, and eight orange left arms and hands, and three orange right arms and hands. (I think the color combo was in lieu of the Boise State vs. TCU Fiesta Bowl game we were watching as he was drawing) He presented me with his artwork and said it was for me! I said, "Thanks Trey, what is this a picture of?" Trey's response was, "It is a picture of you and... ME!" I asked him where HE was in the picture, and he said, "I am in your tummy, hiding from you. Does that sound exciting?" I said, "Not really." I then pointed to all of my arms and asked him, "Are these all of my arms?" His response was, "Yeah. You are an octopus. Does THAT sound exciting?"

What an imagination!