Saturday, February 6, 2010

Sunset over Bend, Oregon

These are the sunsets Bend, Oregon receives. The peaceful feeling stepping out onto my parents property and witnessing the sun set is one of the greatest experiences. These are "straight out of the camera" pictures. No editing involved!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Baby Lucas

I had the chance to meet Mr. Lucas today and take his 1 year old picture. I have never taken an official "I year old Birthday picture," I was a bit nervous, but so excited to take on the opportunity. I haven't seen my friend Gina since she was married about 2.5 year ago, so it was a wonderful reunion! After chatting with Gina throughout the hour or so we spent taking pictures, we decided we need to get our husbands together. Her husband is a huge hunter, I think Justin and Kevin would be a perfect match in Hunting Heaven! They would have many stories to tell between the two of them!
This picture is for Hunter Kevin. Gina wanted a picture of Lucas in his camo gear!
Lucas has the cutest "faux hawk" ever! Gina says his hair is always like this. When he wakes up, after he takes a bath, and after naps. Doesn't he have the brightest eyes?

My friend Gina is one of the strongest, most amazing people I know. She has gone through so much in her first year of motherhood, and couldn't have done it with more grace. I really look up to her.

Thank you Gina for the afternoon. Your little Lucas is the sweetest, most mellow guy! It was great! Hope you like them!

Day with Mom and Robert

Thanks to my Dad and brother Robert, I was able to go shopping with my Mom on Monday morning while I was in Bend, Oregon. I can't think of the last time I spent some time shopping with my Mom. She needed some new jeans, I was happy to help her find some! We found some great deals at Old Navy (I picked up a pair of jeans for $6.99!). While we were shopping, Trey and Tian spent the morning with uncle Robert and my Dad. They went 4-wheeling and hiking around the property.

After checking on the boys back at my parents home, I picked up Robert and he accompanied me to the Gap. I was to meet Chelsea Ann's mom at the Gap to exchange some items Judy left while visiting Chelsea Ann in Idaho, and the Gap was having a killer deal. Facebook didn't let me down on this trip. There were two situations where Facebook brought me great joy while I was in Bend. First, an old friend from High School works in Bend at the Gap. Before leaving for Bend, I asked my friend Julie if the Gap was going to be having a sale. She informed me they were having a great sale. She ALSO was my "personal shopper" and set aside some items for Trey-man. While in the Gap, I also ran into another friend from high school Jamie! It was so great to see Jamie, she hasn't changed a bit!

After the Gap, Robert and I drove around downtown Bend. My second situation with Facebook while in Bend meeting up with my friend Gina (I will get to that next!). Gina contacted me through Facebok, after seeing some pictures and said she would have to "hire" me to take their family pictures. I let Gina know that I was going to be in Bend, I would LOVE to meet her little son and take their family picture. I told Gina I am not charging at the moment and I would love the experience. So, Robert and I drove around downtown for some urban feel for the following days photo shoot!

Barfing and other yummy stuff

The night we arrived in Bend, Trey said he mouth hurt and his tummy hurt. This was not a good sign and I figured he was sick. Sure enough, we had a night of barfing and other things that occur down south. Trey was up most of the night and eventually fell asleep next to the toilet.

Trey enjoyed some time hanging out on the couch with uncle Robert.

Robert taught me the meaning of the word "Shart." If you would like the definition, let me know!

Swimming at the Athletic Club of Bend

My parents had a fun evening planned for us when we arrived in Bend. It all began at the Athletic Club of Bend for some swimming. My Mom has patience of a saint and swam with Trey most of the time. When Trey wasn't with my Mom, he was on my Dad's back, cruising around the swimming pool "like a dolphin!" My Mom finally got Trey comfortable enough to float, with out stretched arms holding a kick board.

Tian did really well, but towards the end, he was pointing to the hot tub. He knew all too well what the hot tub was all about.

As we sat in the hot tub, Trey told me he had a secret. He whispered in my ear, "I really wish Dad was here, I really miss him." Trey was very worried about Justin. He didn't think I told Justin we were going to Bend and that Justin would be "very" worried about us. He then thought Justin was going to be very sad that we were gone. I am sure he wasn't all too sad while he had "card night" at our home the first evening we were in Bend.

After we worked up an apetite, we headed over to Mickey D's for some dinner. Bend has a great Mickey D's with a wonderful playstructure inside. We also enjoyed the entertainment. (there was a great W.T. family that made us laugh!)

Surprise for Trey and Tian


For a week or so, I had been planning a surprise for the boys. Because of Martin Luther King day, and no Activity Days on Tuesday, I planned a surprise trip to Bend, Oregon to spend time with Grandma and Grandpa Bend. It was hard to keep it a secret; especially when Trey began asking me out of the blue "When are we going to go to Bend, Oregon and see Grandma and Grandpa Bend" or saying, "I miss Derek." It was as if he knew something was hiding up my sleeve.

I had it all planned out. I was going to trick Trey into thinking we were just going on errands. I counted all of the places we stopped, and we surely had a morning of errands; 6 places to be exact. After the car was full of gas and we had some DVD's in the DVD player, my Mom called and asked Trey where we were going. Trey said, "We are just running errands." My Mom broke Trey the news, and I got it all on tape. I would NOT suggest taping your son while driving on the freeway. SCARY! Click here to watch the video