Friday, September 10, 2010

tea party in the park


This month's "tea party" was held in the park with all of our chillens! The children were wild and crazy, running after each other, running AT each other, and eating ONLY the chips and goodies. Not only was this a celebration for us ladies, it was also in celebration of Judie's birthday! Happy "surprise" Birthday Judie!

Judie, the lady of the hour, and Holly. We were told to bring a gift that would be "relaxing and a stress relief to Judie." I was mortified when Judie opened a box of condoms from me, IN FRONT of everyone!
Abbie and Tian. Abbie is an Activity Day girl in my group and my boys adore her.

Treyman and his buddy Jaxon. Jaxon is Abbie's brother. Do you like Trey's head tilt? It is his new pose. I am sure you will be seeing it often!

Trey and Tian waiting for the kids to come rescue them from Base.

Treyman, the big boy. Sitting at the big kids table.

the boys and Cooper

This is what I saw this morning as I was cleaning up from breakfast.
Tian loves Cooper just as much as Trey loves Cooper. The only difference between their love is that Trey is planning Cooper's exit from this world so when he dies, he can get a new dog. So sad but brutally honest.

Activity Days: Be Involved

This weeks Activity days was about being involved in the community. I thought the girls would enjoy putting on a story hour for my boys. Using their greatest reading skill and voices for each character, the girls really got into it. The boys got a little antsy towards the end of three groups reading, BUT, that is boys for 'ya!

slave board?

I received a text from the oldest of my brother's, Robert, before Trey's 5th birday. This is what the text said:

I immediately called Robert and asked, "Excuse me, WHAT is a slave board?"

He meant to write, "Skate Board."

lazy morning

When do my boys ever sleep in? NEVER, until this morning. I thought he would be waking up around 9:30am, so, I took a picture of the clock. Not until 10am did Tian wake up!

He then decided to eat apples outside for breakfast.

Evening with Shaydon

When I had Tian, almost two years ago, Sommers came to my home, picked up Trey, and took him to Planet Kid and McDonalds for a playdate. Sommers was planning on me having quality time with Tian all to my self. She is such a thoughtful friend. It was my time to return the favor this afternoon and Trey couldn't be any more excited. It was one of Trey's first times riding in the middle of the seat which was the coolest thing in his world. The boys went nuts in Carl's Jr. and ran until they were sweaty! At the end of Justin's day, Justin came and played with the boys. I am so grateful for him!

L.O.V.E this picture of Shaydon looking up a Trey. Shaydon and Trey play so well together, even though they are 2.5 years apart.