Friday, August 26, 2011

1st day of 1st Grade

6:30am our morning began with Trey waking up. Not on his own choice, but he did wake up! A special breakfast of cinnamon and sugar rolls and sausage began the morning off right. The night before Trey & Tian both received Father's Blessings which calmed Trey's nerves about school. I don't think he mentioned being nervous once!

We are truly blessed to live so close to the school. Since learning how to ride a bike this Summer, Trey wants Our little "Amish Red Wagon" is going to get a whole lot of miles on it once school is over for the year.

Trey watching his class line up. He was a bit hesitent, but, once he saw sweet Mrs. Flint, he was content with the thought of joining his class.

There's our sweet little 1st grader. All lined up and ready for class. I am quite obsessed with his back pack. I have a serious issue with school supplies, and this includes back packs! We have plenty laying around our home, but, I insisted he needed a new one.

This is a plate my mom gave us for Christmas one year. It says, "I am Super Special Today" and the little boy painted on the plate is in a super hero costume. Trey ate his breakfast, lunch, and dinner on this plate today. After school treats: Cinnamon doughnuts. Do you think we like cinnamon or what?!I 1st day of 1st grade present to give to Mrs. Flint. This water bottle not only had a frozen straw through the center, BUT, it also has a water filter. AMAZING, and very inexpensive. Thank you Wally-World!

Before Tian and I walked to pick up Trey from school, we left him a few little presents. The "Typing Instructor" is something Trey has been asking for all Summer. Tian, being the cute and sometimes sneaky brother, placed the paper underneath Trey's pillow so Trey had to actually "look" for the present. (don't worry. The actual computer program came in the mail a few days alter.) This is a tradition which began with me as a child. I was always excited to come home from my first day of school and see what kind of little gift was waiting for me on my bed. Thank you mom for making my school days so memorable with little traditions like this one!

Tian and I were so anxious to watch Trey emerge from the school doors. I didn't know where to stand so he would see us, I didn't know which door he would come out of, so, thankfully my sweet friend Nanette Baker was there to show me the ropes! He seemed very happy but thrilled to be coming home. As he was riding his bike beside me, I asked, "So, how was school?" Trey's response, "It was GREAT!" He got to take in the lunch bucket with his friend Bethany, he got the special priveldge of having "the frog" at his desk. One special boy and one special girl get the frog at their desk for the day if they are good and follow directions. I was so happy for him!

Look at that determined face! What a sweet, brave, smart and strong boy you are Trey! We are so proud of you.

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