Friday, January 21, 2011

Trey's Birthday Cake Celebration

Grandpa Bend had called weeks in advance asking what kind of cake Trey would like for his birthday celebration. I told him anything chocolate and chocolate! Grandpa Bend found the greatest baseball cake ever. Which part of the cake did Trey choose to eat? The LARGE baseball made out of frosting. A child of after his mama's heart!

Check out the size of that piece of cake!

A family tradition Derek loves to participate in: Derek will play the birthday person "Happy Birthday" on the piano. Usually this is done over the phone, but, because we were in town, we were there to witness the personal concert!

Thanks Grandpa Bend for making Trey's 5th birthday so special! As you can see, he loved his cake.

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sauter signs off said...

Love that kid! He's the smartest,sweetest, funnest 5 year old we know. Oh, let me take that back, ... the smartest, sweetest, funnest 5 1/2 year old we know!!!
(Trey would correct me if I just said 5 year old)