Friday, January 21, 2011

Father's Day

Father's Day was extra special this year. I had the wonderful opportunity to celebrate Father's Day with not only the father of my children, sweet Justin, but also with my own Father! After church (while I was out in the hall with a loud Tian, Trey got up with the rest of the Primary children and sang in the Musical number. I was shocked.), my dad made a wonderful dinner (yes, he made dinner on Father's Day. That's how he likes it!), the boys shot ground squirrels, and Robert treated the boys, AND myself to a tow truck ride.

Trey and Tian waiting for dinner. Unfortunately, Trey doesn't look too happy about the menu item!Tian could barely contain himself when he saw Uncle Robert driving down the driveway in his tow truck.

Trey and Tian LOVE standing on the back of the tow truck as Robert raises and lowers it.

Justin was playing with my telephoto lens and caught Cooper pointing at a bird.

Yes, Trey is in his longjohn underwear!

I love it here.

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sauter signs off said...

Since you love it so much Rebecca, just back your house and move over. Your house would fit perfectly out in the cow field!